Annotating Assignment Attachments with Office Online

Sometimes it is easier to annotate directly on the assignment to give feedback rather than writing lengthy comments. Below you will find instructions on how to annotate a student's assignment submission using Office Online:

How to Open a Student's Submission on Office Online

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Post in your Class/ Group
  2. Click on Submission to view a list of all your students' work that needs grading
  3. Select a particular student's name from the left panel to review their Assignment submission
  4. Select the name of the document to open it in Office Online

Note: Only a Class/Group Owner or Co-Teacher is able to annotate an Assignment using Office Online. Office Online Annotations are only accessible with Office Online compatible files. 





Using Word Editing Features to Annotate a Document

You can annotate your student's submitted document using Word Editing Features such as bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, highlight, changing font color, etc. 


Using Three Editing Modes When Grading Assignments

Sometimes you may want to edit a student's submission directly on the document. Other times you may want to track all the changes that you have made for a student. There are three editing modes on Office Online: Editing, Reviewing, and Viewing which help you with grading your student's work at your own preference.

  • Editing: Allows you to make changes directly on the document
  • Reviewing: Permits you to suggest changes, all of which will be tracked in red
  • Viewing: Only allows you to view the file and does not permit changes nor suggestions. The file will turn into a read-only file



Add a New Comment With Office Online

In order to add comments and view annotation text features, simply highlight the portion of the text you want to comment on. Once highlighted, a toolbar will appear with a comment option, allowing you to leave a comment. 


Enter Grades and Leave a Comment on Edmodo
Enter grades or leave feedback for your students on the right-hand panel below the name of the student. The grade and comment will show on Edmodo Assignment Submission page. 



Jump to the Next Submission

Move on to the next submission by clicking Save Grade > All Students to navigate to the next student submission.



Additional Microsoft Support Links

For more information on how Office Online tools such as annotations or Markup, check out these Microsoft Help Center articles: