Annotating Assignment Attachments with Office Online

Sometimes it is easier to annotate an assignment to give your feedback rather than writing lengthy comments. Below you will find instructions on how to annotate a student's assignment submission using Office Online.

  1. View the Assignment post in your Group or Class
  2. Click on "View Assignment".
  3. Click the “Turned In" button located on the Assignment post to view a list of all work that needs grading. (You will also receive an alert in your Notifications section any time a student turns in an Assignment.)
  4. Select a particular student’s name from the left panel to review the Assignment.
  5. Select the name of the document to open it in Office Online. 




From here, it is possible to use Office Online and its features (comments, highlights, strikethrough, etc) to Annotate your students' assignments. 

1. You can use the regular Word Editing features from the editing ribbon.

2. In order to add comments and view annotation text features, highlight and right click a chunk of text.

3. Enter grades or leave feedback here.

4. Move on to the next submission by clicking "Save Grade" or by click "Students".





Note: Only a Group Owner or Co-Teacher is able to Annotate an Assignment using Office Online. Office Online Annotations are only accessible with Office Online compatible files. 

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