Add Edmodo to Your Clever Portal (Admin)

Clever districts can choose to add Edmodo to their users' Clever portals to streamline access and simplify logging into Edmodo for all teachers and students. 


To Enable Clever access to Edmodo:

Step 1. Request Edmodo in Clever

In Clever, request to Add the Edmodo App to your Dashboard: 

  1. Log into your Clever Dashboard and click the "Add New Applications" icon.
  2. Use the search bar under "Choose your apps" to search for Edmodo.  
  3. Click "Next" once you've selected all your applications. When requesting access to Edmodo, you should select that your district has already purchased (Edmodo is a free application). 
  4. Click "Finish". 

Step 2. Set Sharing Permissions for Edmodo in Clever

In Clever, you will need to set your data sharing permissions for Edmodo:

  1. From your Clever account dashboard, click on Edmodo to get to the overview page. Then navigate to the Data Sharing tab.
  2. From the data sharing page, you’ll specify which data Edmodo can access. You have four options for how to share data (the different types of sharing are mutually exclusive, you cannot choose two):
    • Share District: Clever will share all data synced to Clever. This will update dynamically with each sync.
    • Share Schools: Clever will only share data linked to the schools that you select. This will update dynamically with each sync.
    • Share Sections: Clever will only share data tied to the specific sections that you select. This will not update dynamically.
    • Share by Rules: Clever will only share data tied to users or sections that meet criteria that you set. This will update dynamically with each sync. Read this article to learn more about Clever's Share by Rules!
  3. Once you’ve selected your permissions level and clicked 'Save Changes,' data will be accessible to Edmodo. You should see changes within 24 hours.

Once Edmodo has approved your app request and you've shared data with Edmodo, your teachers and students will be able to log into Edmodo from Clever. 

 See more: Launching Edmodo via your Clever Portal