Send an Important Note

Coming Soon!

You can now Mark a Note as Important and feel confident that recipients will see it! 

To Mark a Note as Important: 

  1. Type your Important Note in the post box. 
  2. Type the name of a Group, Student, Teacher, or "Parents" into the “Send to” field. (Edmodo will provide auto-suggestions as you begin to type).
  3. Check the box to "Mark as Important".
  4. Select the "Post" button to Send Now or the Scheduled icon post-schedulepost.png to send at a later date/time.

The Important Note will appear in the Important Notes area above latest posts for 48 hours and also appear in the Home and Group stream with the Important tag even after the 48 hours. 



What happens when you Mark a Note as Important?

In addition to the prominent display on the Home and Group Streams, Important Notes will generate:

  • a Bell Notification
  • an Email Notification labeled Important
  • a Push Notification (please make sure you are using the latest version of the Edmodo app)


Forgot to Mark a Note as Important? No worries! You can always go back and view the Note to make edits and mark or unmark as Important. 

To Edit an Important Note: 

  1. On the Important Note section, hover your mouse over the post and click on the down arrow
  2. Select "Link to Post"
  3. From the link, select "View Message"
  4. From the new tab, select the down arrow to make changes or to Unmark as Important