Add New Grading Periods to Progress Book

If you would like a fresh start to an existing Group's Progress Book, you can create a new Grading Period, which will add a blank sheet for your Students' new grades. Your current grades will be saved under a previous Grading Period, but it will not be possible to add grades to previous grading periods; you can delete, edit or transfer them.

For this reason, we recommend using this feature only when you are certain that it meets your current grading needs.

To create a new Grading Period in your Progress Book, follow the directions below:

  1. Navigate to the Progress Book where you would like to add a new Grading Period.
  2. Click on the "New Grading Period" button plus_icon.png in the Grading Period section.
  3. Confirm your action by checking the finalize box and click "Create."

Your new Grading Period will appear as an empty Progress Book. Any previous Grading Periods will be available in the Grading Period section above your list of Student names.