How to Open/Submit Copies of Assignment Attachments (Student)

If your teacher has attached a copy of an assignment for you to edit and turn in, you can access the attached file from your Assignment Submission page.

To open your copy of an Assignment attachment:

  1. Locate the Assignment Post with the attachment
  2. Select Open to view your Assignment Submission page
  3. Click on the file that was created for you in the center area of the Submission page
  4. Depending on the file's compatibility, your copy will either be opened in Microsoft Office Online or in Google for you to edit. Changes are saved automatically and are confirmed by seeing Saved to Edmodo or All changes saved in Drive at the top of the file. To edit a Google Drive file format, you'll need to have your Google Drive connected. Learn more about connecting your Backpack to you Google Drive.
  5. Click on Turn in once you are ready to submit your file. If you have multiple files to edit, a pop-up that says Documents not Edited as a reminder for you to open and edit all of the files before turning in your Assignment. 

Note: Once you turn in your Assignment, you will no longer be able to edit the copy that was attached to your submission. Instead, you can resubmit your Assignment by editing a new copy of where you left off with your previous submission.