Change Language Settings (Mobile)

The Edmodo Classroom and Parent applications are offered in multiple languages. To find out more about what languages we support and how to change the language settings in our apps, please read on. 

Available Languages

A total of 17 languages are currently supported across our apps. Below is a chart with all current language options and their available environments. Please note that supported languages will vary depending on the app and your mobile device. 

Language Android Classroom Android Parents iOS Classroom iOS Parents
Arabic x x x x
Bahasa (Indonesia) x x    
* Chinese  x x x x
English x x x x
French x ** x    
German   x    
Hindi     x x
Hungarian x x x x
Italian x x x x
Japanese x x x x
Polish x x x x
Romanian       x
Russian     x x
Serbian     x x
Spanish x x x x
Thai     x x
Ukrainian x x    

* Both simplified and traditional Chinese are supported

** Only about 50% of the Android Parents app is translated in French

Note: The default language for both our Classroom and Parent apps is English. If the language and device combination you have chosen is not currently supported, the app will display in English.



Our Android apps automatically adjust to your device's language settings. To change the language on the Edmodo Classroom or Parent app, you must also change the language settings on your device. If the language you selected is not currently supported, our apps will automatically be in English. 

To change the language on the Edmodo Android apps: 

  1. Navigate to your device's Settings
  2. Locate the Language Settings
  3. Select your language

Note: Android language settings vary based on your device. For more information about how to adjust the language settings for your specific device, we recommend visiting your mobile device's help center.



By default, our iOS apps will automatically match your device's language settings if you have chosen a supported language. However, you can also change the language for the Edmodo Classroom and Parents apps directly.

To change the language on the Edmodo iOS apps:

  1. Navigate to your device's Settings
  2. Scroll down to your applications > locate the Edmodo and/or Parents app and tap to open
  3. Select Language > Choose your language

Note: The language for the Edmodo iOS apps can differ from your overall device's language. However, if the language you selected for the app is not currently supported, the app will automatically appear in English.