Learn More About the New Android App (Teachers)

Welcome to the new Edmodo Android App!

In the recent redesign, there are 5 new tabs available on the bottom navigation toolbar.

1. Stream

2. Classes

3. Messages

4. Discover

5. Notifications




In addition to these 5 tabs, you can also access additional tabs through a settings bar.

Check out the screenshots below for more information.



1. Tap the "Stream" tab on the furthest left of the bottom panel to access the Stream section

2. In order to share a resource, article, or photo, tap the upper panel of the screen.

3. You will see shared articles from public classes, connections, as well as your own classes in the middle section of the page.



Tap the "Classes" tab which is second to the left in order to access the Classes section of the app. In this section you will be able to view and access all of your classes.





1. Tap the "Messages" tab at the center of the bottom panel to access the Messages section of the app. This will allow you to send Direct Messages to your students, their parents, and other teachers.

2. Tap the "Pencil Plus" icon pencilplus.pngto begin composing a message to send to other Edmodo users.




1. Tap the "Discover" tab in second from the right tab on the bottom panel in order to access the all new Discover section This section will allow you to access games, as well as apps such other apps.






1. Tap the "Notifications" tab on the furthest right of the bottom panel to access the notifications page.

2.Tap here to view your "Notifications Settings".



Accessing Settings Bar:

1. Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access the settings bar.

2. Tap the "What's Due" tab in order to manage grades, and to view your class assignments and quizzes.

3. Tap the "Library" tab to access your Edmodo library.

4. Tap the "Groups and Pages" tab in order to access your Teacher or Professional Development Groups, Topics, and Communities.