Learn More About the New iOS App (Students)

Welcome to the new Edmodo iOS App!

In the recent redesign, there are 5 new tabs available on the bottom navigation toolbar.

1. Classes

2. Assignments

3. Discover


5. Notifications




In addition to these 5 tabs, you can also access additional tabs through a settings bar.

Check out the screenshots below for more information. 




1. Tap on the "Classes" tab at the furthest left of the bottom panel to access the Classes section. 

2. The Upper Panel will allow to switch between the Latest Activity tab, and the Classes tab. The Latest Activity tab will include all activity from pages you follow. The Classes tab will just include activity from just your Classes.

3. You can find activity from your classes or other pages in the stream around the center of the page.






1. Select to access the "Planner" section where you can take a look at upcoming quizzes, assignments, and events.






1. Select to access the new "Discover" section where you can play educational games and access others apps.






1. Select to view and send direct messages to your teachers and parents. 






1. Select to view and manage your notifications.

2. Tap the Settings icon gear.png to view your notification settings.


Accessing Settings Bar:




1. Click on your profile icon at the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Tap on the "Backpack" tab to access your student backpack.

3. Click on your "High School" tab to go to the page of your high school.