View Your Calendar & Agenda (Student)

Edmodo's Calendar for Students allows you to see all of the Assignments or Quizzes that your Teachers have assigned as well as their Class/Group Agendas all in one place! This helps you to stay organized, keep track of your progress, view upcoming items, and any late work which still needs to completed! Read below on how to navigate through your Calendar and Agenda:

Finding your Calendar

You can find your Calendar on the right panel of an individual Class/Group page 



Filter Assignments or Quizzes by Class/Group

To filter your Calendar for all upcoming tasks of a particular Class/Group, simply navigate to that particular class and the Upcoming section will include only tasks from that specific Class/Group. Your class list can be found on the right side of the home screen called My Classes or Classes class.png in the top toolbar.



View Full Calendar 

To see your Calendar's full view, simply click on Go to Calendar located on the right panel at the bottom or click on Calendar calendar.png in your top toolbar. 



View an Agenda 

To view a Class/Group's Agenda, simply click on Home or Calendar located on your top toolbar. Then click on the Agenda item to view its details. See more about viewing an Agenda below. 


View all Agenda's details: