What's Due Center (Students)

Edmodo's new What's Due Center for Students allows you to see all of Assignments and Quizzes that your Teachers have assigned to you in one place! Keep track of upcoming items that are due, as well as any late work you still need to complete! 

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Finding the What's Due Center

To find your What's Due Center, click on the "What's Due" icon at the top navigation toolbar. 


Filter Assignments/Quizzes by Class

If you only want to see the Assignments and Quizzes that are due for one specific class, click on the "All my classes" drop down menu at the top, right under "What's Due" and then select a Class to filter the results.


Filter by Assignment/Quiz 

If you only want to see your Assignments or Quizzes in your What's Due Center, click on the "Filter by" drop down menu on the right side and choose the category to view.


What are the To-Do and Finished tabs? 

Anything you have not yet completed will appear in the "To-Do" tab, and anything you have submitted will appear in your "Finished" tab.