View Your Calendar & What's Due Center (Teacher)

Edmodo What's Due and Calendar are great places where Teachers can organize and view all of the Assignments and Quizzes sent to their Classes/Groups! Continue to read below to learn more on how to use these two tools: 

Finding and Navigating to your Calendar:

Your Calendar calendar.png can be found on your home page. Your Calendar allows you to toggle through to view a particular day as a whole or for an individual Class/Group. To view your full Calendar, click on View Full Calendar located at the bottom of your right-hand panel.


Filtering Assignments or Quizzes by Class/Group:

To see a specific Class/Group's Assignments or Quizzes simply click on the filter All my Classes and choose the specific Class/Group you would like to see.



Filtering by Assignment or Quiz

To revise all sent Class/Group Assignments or Quizzes, simply click on the All Work filter on the right-hand side and select which filter to apply. 


What are the Review/Reviewed Tabs?

  • Review: Any new sent Assignment or Quiz which still needs to be graded. Clicking on the name of the Assignment or Quiz will take you to the Grading Overview for the task.
  • Reviewed: Any old Assignments and Quizzes that have been marked. After marking all your students' work, you can move that Assignment or Quiz to the Reviewed tab. 

Moving an Assignment/Quiz from Review > Reviewed

When you have finished marking all of your students' submissions, you can move the task to Reviewed. This action can be undone if you have more submissions coming in later and need to review it.

To move a task from Review > Reviewed:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Assignment or Quiz you want to move
  2. Click Mark as Reviewed

Note: If you change your mind and would like to bring an Assignment or Quiz back to Review, you can simply mark the item as Back to Review.