Mini Calendar / What's Due Center (Teacher)

Edmodo What's Due Center (formerly known as Assignment Center) as well as our Mini Calendar is a great place where you, as the teacher, can organize and view all of the Assignments and Quizzes you have sent to your students! 

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Finding and Navigating your Mini Calendar 

Your Mini Calendar can be found on the class home pages. You can toggle through to view a particular day as a whole as well as for individual classes.

To view your full Calendar, click on "View Full Calendar" located at the bottom of your Mini Calendar.


Finding the What's Due Center

To access the What's Due Center, click on the "What's Due" icon on the top navigation toolbar. 


Filtering which Class/Group's Assignments and Quizzes you want to see

To see Assignments and Quizzes you have sent to one particular Class or Group, click on the "All my classes" dropdown under "Assignments" at the top and then choose the Class or Group to filter your results.


Filtering by Assignment/Quiz Type

To see only Assignments or Quizzes that you have sent, click on the "Filter by" drop down on the righthand side of the screen and select the category to view.


What are the Review/Reviewed Tabs?

  • Any new Assignment or Quiz you create and send to your students will appear in the "Review" tab. Clicking on an Assignment will take you to the Assignment Grading Overview for that Assignment. Clicking on a Quiz will take you to the Quiz results for that Quiz. 
  • Any old Assignments and Quizzes from the past are filed in the "Reviewed" tab. When you are done grading all of the student submissions in an Assignment or Quiz, you can also move that Assignment or Quiz to the "Reviewed" tab. 

Moving an Assignment/Quiz from "Review" to "Reviewed"

When you no longer need to grade any more submissions in an Assignment or Quiz, you can move it to the "Reviewed" tab. 

  1. Hover your mouse over the Assignment or Quiz you want to move to "Reviewed" 
  2. Click on the "down arrow" button that appears on the right
  3. Click "Mark as reviewed"

If you change your mind and would like to bring an Assignment or Quiz back to your active "Review" tab, you can go into the "Reviewed" tab and mark an item as "Back to review".