How to Get the Most Out of Google on Edmodo (Teacher)

It’s easy to use your favorite Google Apps on your Edmodo account. The power of Edmodo and Google together makes your Edmodo experience even better. Below are ways to get the most out of Google on Edmodo: 

A Simple Sign-On Experience

Link your Google account to Edmodo to log in with a single click and never forget your password. To link your Google account to Edmodo when signing up or logging in, simply select Google and enter your Google account credentials.


Direct Access to Your Google Drive Files

Post, share, store, or upload any Google Drive files with your Edmodo account and Library. To connect your GDrive to your Edmodo Library:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to your Library library.png
  3. Select Google Drive on the left side panel > Connect with Google Drive. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account to link them. Be sure to Accept the share permissions between Google and Edmodo to access your Google Drive.

Note: Files and Folders in the Google Drive section of your Library will be ordered by the time they were last modified, with the most recent first. All files and folders from your GDrive and Shared with Me sections will be shown in this order.



Create Individual Copies of Google Docs for Each Student

With GDrive linked to your Edmodo Library, you can easily attach any of your GDrive files to Assignments and automatically create individual copies for each student. When creating an Assignment, simply select the attach the file and set the file to View Only or Make Copies.

  • View Only: Permits students to only view the attached file for reference. They can download the file or save it to their Backpack, but will not be able to edit it.  
  • Make Copies: Provides students with an exact copied and editable version of the attached file. Students can work on their own personal file without modifying your original and submit their work later on. Learn more about how to Make Copies for your students.


Disconnect Google Drive from your Library

There may be times where you want to remove your GDrive access from your account or change the linked Google account you have to another. To completely remove your GDrive from your Edmodo Library there are two steps you must take. Both steps must be taken before you can link another Google Drive account to your Edmodo Library.  First, you must Disconnect your GDrive from Edmodo, then Revoke Access From Google

To Disconnect your Connected GDrive from your Edmodo Library:

  1. Navigate to your Library library.png
  2. Select Google Drive on the left side panel
  3. Click on More ellipsis.png > Disconnect Account
  4. Click Yes, Disconnect Google Drive to confirm the changes


Revoke Access From Google:

Revoking access from Google to your Edmodo account is the final step to confirm and disconnect your GDrive from your Edmodo account. 

To revoke access from Google:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Edmodo > Remove Access