How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft on Edmodo

It’s easy to use your favorite Microsoft Office 365 apps in your Edmodo classroom! Only the power of Edmodo and Microsoft together gets you:

  • A simple sign on experience
  • Easy access to all your Microsoft Office documents
  • Individual copies of Office documents for each student
  • Fast grading directly in submitted Office Online files

Single Sign On, No Password Required – 

Link your Office 365 account to Edmodo to login with a single click and never forget your password.

To link your Office 365 account to Edmodo when signing up or logging in, select Office 365 and enter your account credentials.


Direct Access to Your Microsoft Office Files 

Link your Microsoft OneDrive to your Edmodo Library to easily share OneDrive files with your Students and colleagues without ever leaving Edmodo.

To link your OneDrive, go to your Edmodo Library and click OneDrive under My Items, then click Connect to Office 365. After linking your OneDrive, you can attach any file from your OneDrive to a Post.

Your Students can also easily share their OneDrive files with you by linking OneDrive to their Edmodo Backpack. 


The Best Digital Assignments For Your Classroom 

With Microsoft OneDrive linked to your Edmodo Library, you can easily attach your OneDrive files to Assignments and automatically create individual copies for each student. Plus, you can grade and annotate Office Online submissions directly within the files using the new grading panel.

When creating an Assignment, click the Library or File icon in the Assignment composer and choose a Microsoft Office file to attach from your Library, OneDrive, or computer. You can make the attached file View only or Make copies.


Selecting View only allows your students to see your attached file for reference.

Selecting Make copies gives each student an individual copy of the attached file that they can edit using their free Microsoft Online account (included with their Edmodo account). Students can submit their work directly from their own copy of the Microsoft Office file, and you can grade their work directly from their submitted file. No more reminding your students to make copies of assignments!

Students turn in their work from within the file



Microsoft_365_4.pngGrade submitted work directly in Office Online files

Use Microsoft’s productivity apps together with Edmodo’s easy classroom communication tools to create the best learning experiences in your classroom!


Need more information? See this help center article on Edmodo and Office 365 Integration.