Submitting Assignments (Mobile)

If you're on the go and don't have access to a computer right away, no sweat! Students can easily open and submit an assignment for their Edmodo classes with the Edmodo Classroom apps.

To submit your assignment with the mobile apps: 

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Post
  2. Tap View Assignment to see and review the Assignment's details such as the instructions, due date, any attachments, ect. 
  3. Click on Turn in Assignment to open your Assignment submission page. On your Assignment submission page you'll see basic navigational tabs to help you review the assignment: 
    • Submission: This is what your teacher will see once you submit your assignment. Be sure to include an Assignment Note for your teacher letting them know that you have submitted it or use the Note section as your assignment submission if your teacher has asked for a written response. Alternatively, students can upload an attachment with the option Attach Assignment which allows you to choose to upload a file from various sources such as your Backpack, Camera Roll, Files, ect.
    • Instructions: Review the instructions of the assignment and its due date before turning anything in to make sure you've covered all the necessary points your teacher has outlined.
    • Comments: If you have forgotten to mention something to your Teacher after submitting your assignment or your teacher gives you feedback on your submission, they'll be here. 
  4. Tap Submit Assignment once you're ready and sure to turn in your assignment for your teacher. Once it's been properly submitted, you'll see a pop-up window as confirmation. 


  • If you have submitted the incorrect file, students do have the option to resubmit their assignment as long as their teacher has not yet graded their initial submission. Students can resubmit assignments up to 3 times by simply clicking Resubmit Assignment at the bottom of the Assignment Submission overview. All previous assignment submissions and files will be logged for the teacher and cannot be removed.  
  • Teachers may also request a resubmission from a student after the due date. If a teacher has requested a resubmission from you, you will have a private bell notification with your teacher's message and request.