Submitting Assignments on Mobile App (iOS and Android)

You can easily open and submit an assignment for a class within your Edmodo iOS and Android mobile apps. 

Please follow the steps below to find, create a response for, and submit an assignment:

  1. On your mobile device, log into your student account on the Edmodo app.
  2. Find the assignment by either tapping on "Classes" and finding the assignment post in the class stream, or tapping on the "Planner" at the bottom toolbar to see a list of all upcoming quizzes and assignments.
    • If you go to the planner section, make sure that you tap on "Upcoming" in the upper tab.
  3. Tap on "Submit Assignment" on an assignment page.
  4. In the Submissions tab, you can write out your response directly in the text box or attach a file (such as a photo, Word document, PDF, etc.) from your mobile device by clicking on the "Attach" button. Please note that on the mobile app, a draft of the written response will not be saved if students navigate to another part of the app before submitting it. On the web version of Edmodo, written responses created by students are automatically saved as a draft.
  5. After the response is completed and the appropriate files have been attached, you can tap on "Submit" at the upper right corner of the page to turn in the assignment.