Send a Direct Message (Mobile)

Being constantly on the go means that sending a Direct Messages through our Edmodo apps is a necessity. Users on Edmodo can send messages to one another depending on their account's permissions.  Continue to read to find out more about what messaging permissions your account has:

To send a Direct Message via the mobile apps: 

  1. Click on Messages message.png in the bottom toolbar 
  2. From the initial Direct Message screen, you'll be able to see all your current chats. If you have a current chat going that you'd like to message in, simply click into it and write your message. 
  3. Click on Write pencilplus.png to start a new chat if you're a Teacher or Student. For Parent accounts, simply click on New plus.png.
  4. Select the recipient of your new chat
  5. Type your message in the text box below and add any file attachments and emojis to personalize your message
  6. Click Send to send your message



Teacher Messaging Permissions 

Teachers have the option to create individual conversations with their Students, their Students' Parents, or any of their Teacher Connections. Teachers can also create group conversations for Students with multiple members. Learn more about Teachers' Messaging Permissions.


Student Messaging Permissions

Students only have permission to direct message their Parents and connected Teachers such as Teachers and Co-Teachers.  Student to Student direct messaging is not available unless connected Teachers or Co-teacher have created a group chat with for Students. 

Parent Messaging Permissions

Parents always have read-only permissions to chats between their child and their child's Teacher. By default, Parents can only send messages to their Child's Teachers and Co-Teachers. If there is a Teacher you cannot send a message to, it's likely that they do not have Co-Teacher status which may be a mistake. Learn how to help your child's teacher grant co-teacher permissions