Reassigning a User to Another School (Admin)

We know that Teachers move between schools which is why we made reassigning a Teacher from one school to another easy for Administrators! 

To reassign a Teacher to another School within your District: 

  1. Switch to your Org or District Admin portal
  2. Navigate to the Member Management page
  3. Search for the Teacher who you would like to switch to another school (use the school and roles filters to help with search)
  4. Click on the Teacher's name to view their profile
  5. Scroll to the Institutions section of their profile and click on Edit to the right of their school affiliation
  6. Search and select the Teacher's new school 
  7. Click on "Save" to successfully reassign them

Note: If updating a District or School Admin's school affiliation, they will first need to have their account status changed to Teacher. Higher ranked Admins can do this in the Admin Permissions section of any Teacher's Profile.