Quiz Question Types

There are different types of questions that you can create in Edmodo. Here's a quick rundown of them all!

Multiple Choice: You can create questions with a multiple-choice format for answering, with no limit of how many options you can present to the students. You can also attach a picture in your questions and responses.



Multiple Answer: Multiple Answer questions allow Teachers to set more than one required answer selection.  By default, this quiz awards one point for every possible answer (i.e. 5 possible answers equates to 5 points).  The overall score credits students when they choose the correct answers and omit the incorrect ones. You can also attach a picture in your questions and responses.




True or False: A classic question type for those quick-fire optional questions.



Matching: Matching questions allow Teachers to present two rows of possible responses that students will have to match up together.  Matching also includes a distractor feature where the Teacher can add additional answers which increases question difficulty.



Fill in the Blank: This question type will ask students to fill in the blank in the text that you put forth. Students' answers need to be precise for the question to be marked as correct as this option is case and space sensitive. 



Short Answer: Short answer question ask students to write a short response to a prompt. Unlike the previous question types, the response will not be automatically graded. You will need to grade the responses yourself.