Add Content to Your Library (Teacher)

Save anything to your Edmodo Library so you can access it from anywhere. Your Library has a storage space of 1GB and no individual item can be greater than 100MB. 

To add content to your library:

  1. Click the "Library" icon library.png in the top toolbar.
  2. Click “New” button on the top right.
  3. Select the type of item to add: "File Upload," "New Folder," "Link," "Quiz," or create a new Office Online Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, or Powerpoint Presentation.
  4. If uploading a File, click "Choose Files" then select the files from your computer. Wait for them to finish uploading. For Folders and Links, enter the appropriate info.
  5. Click the blue “Add" button towards the bottom of the screen.

Note: Once you add items to your Library, they will show up at the top of your Library. From there, you can click the "down arrow" to the right of an item to move or copy it into a Folder.