Share a Folder (Teacher)

Once you’ve created your folders, you can easily share them with any Class/Group that you own or are a co-teacher in. Follow the steps below to share a Folder with your Class/Group from the Class/Group page or from within your Library.

Sharing from the Group/Class page:

  1. Navigate to the Class/Group and click "Folders."
  2. Click "Manage Folders" in the top right.
  3. Select Folders you want to share. Deselect any Folders to "un-share." When a folder is selected, a dark bar will appear to the left of it.
  4. Click "Done" to save changes.

Sharing from the Library:

  1. Locate the Folder in your Library.
  2. Click the "down arrow" to the right of the Folder, and click "Share."
  3. Select the Classes/Groups you want to share the Folder with, then click "Done."

Next Steps: Class/Group members access the shared folders by clicking the “Folders” tab on the Class/Group page (not in their Libraries/Backpacks).

Sharing from the Class/Group:



Sharing from the Library:


 Members access shared Folders on the Class/Group page, under "Folders":