Add Content to Another Teacher's Folder (Teacher)

If you are a teacher/owner or a co teacher in a Group, you have the ability to share your Folders with the Group.

Both the teacher who owns the Group and any co teachers can add resources into any Folder that is shared with the Group. However, only the creator of a Folder has the ability to remove items from their Folder.

To add resources to another teacher's Folder in a Group which you own or co teach:

  1. Click on the Group in your left side Group menu.
  2. Choose "Folders" from the middle column below the Group name.
  3. Find the "Folder" that you want to add to and click on its name.
  4. Select the blue "Add" button from the upper right corner to add a resource to that Folder.

Note: You will not be able to delete this resource. Only the owner of the Folder can delete the resources from their Folders.