Share Google Drive Documents with Your Groups (Teacher)

Now that you have Connected your Google Drive Account to your Edmodo Account, share your Google Docs with your classes from directly within Edmodo.

  1. Click on “Note” at the top of your Edmodo Homepage or in your Group page.
  2. Click in the field and type your message.
  3. Select the Library icon - library.png - and choose the Google Drive option from the left-side menu.
  4. Scroll through the list to find the document you want to attach/share. You can also put key words in the search field to search your Google Drive documents.
  5. Select the document you want to share by clicking on it.
  6. Set the permissions for the document via the checkbox at the bottom of the page  - “Allow users that have connected their Google account to edit.” (Note that you must be the owner of the document in order to give others editing privileges.)
  7. Select "attach to post." You will be taken back to the post where you can choose the Group/individuals you would like to send the document.
  8. Click "send" to share.

Setting Permission:

  • When attaching a Google Drive document to an Edmodo post, you are given the option at the bottom of the Add from Library box to manage the permissions on the document you are sharing.
  • The checkbox will allow you to automatically set the write permissions on the document for anyone receiving the document via the Edmodo post. The receiving user will also have had to associate her/his Edmodo Account with Google Docs.
  • If you do not check the box, Edmodo will set read only permissions for receiving users that have associated their Edmodo Account with Google Docs.
  • It is best to have your students link their Google Drive Accounts immediately, if you plan on using this functionality.