Create and Send a Poll (Teacher)

Polls are a great way to get immediate feedback on an Assignment, reading, or current event. They can be used to activate background knowledge for students. To send out a quick Poll, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Poll" tab in the top toolbar of your Group's page.
  2. Type your Poll question in the Question box. 
  3. Type the answers you'd like students to choose from in the answer boxes. You can select "Add Answer" if you'd like to have additional answers for students to choose from. 
  4. Type the name of a student, teacher, or Group into the “Send to” field. (Edmodo will provide auto suggestions as you begin to type).
  5. Choose to Send Now or Send Later:
    • Send Now: Clicking the "Send" button will send the Poll immediately (posts will appear on the Post Stream in the order they were sent).
    • Send Later: Clicking the "Send Later" iconpost-schedulepost.pngwill send the Poll at the scheduled time (make sure the timezone settings are the same for teachers and students). Once you've set the time, click the Send button to schedule the poll.

Note: If you choose the post to send when scheduled, it will only save as previously loaded once it is sent. Polls have a 140 character limit. Once you send out a Poll, you cannot edit the Poll. Also, Teachers cannot see which student gave which response. If you need a non-anonymous Poll, try giving a one question Quiz, then you'll be able to see the individual results.

Watch how EdmodoCon 2014 presenter Robert Miller uses polls in his Edmodo groups!