Load a Previously Used Assignment (Teacher)

If you’ve previously posted an Assignment in a Class or Group, and you want to use it again, you do not need to retype the details of the Assignment or recreate the Assignment. You can call up the Assignment details by reloading a previously used Assignment.

To Load a Previously Created Assignment:

  1. Click the  add_button_2019-08-08.png  located at the right of the Upper Panel of the Class/Group page.
  2. Click the “Select the Assignment to Copy” field, located below the “Create an Assignment” field.
  3. Click the specific Assignment you want to use from the list of Assignments you have posted in the past. You can also use the Search bar to search for your Assignment by name.
  4. Check the Assignment details that are automatically filled in for accuracy, select a new due date and perhaps a new Class/Group to share it with, as well as any other important details like attachments or links.
  5. Click the blue “Assign" button to send the assignment right away or use the “Schedule Later" option to choose a future send date and then hit “Send" to schedule the post.

Note: If you delete the original Assignment post, the Assignment will no longer appear in your previously created Assignment list and any student scores and work associated with that original assignment will also be deleted.