Assignment Grading Overview (Teachers)

After your students have turned in an Assignment, you can view their submissions from the Assignment's Grading Overview page. Continue reading to learn more about the different features of your Assignment Grading Overview:

Accessing an Assignment's Grading Overview & Filter Options:

The Assignment Grading Overview page is your quick view to see who has turn in their work, who has viewed the Assignment and more. Your Assignment Grading Overview page can be accessed many ways: from your Class/Group, What's Due Center, or Progress (Gradebook).

To navigate to your Assignment Grading Overview page from your Class/Group: 

  1. Navigate to the Class/Group Assignment
  2. Click on Submissions within the Assignment Post

Once you have accessed your Assignment Grading Overview, there are a number of filters to help access, grade, and view your students' submissions. Teachers have the following clickable options from their Grading Overview page:

  • View Assignment Details: Click on View Assignment Details just below the name of the Assignment to be redirected to the original post 
  • Class/Group Name: Click on the name of the Class/Group to navigate directly back to the Class/Group to which the Assignment was sent
  • Assignment Options: Update the Assignment's settings to include it in your Progress (Gradebook) or lock the assignment after its due date 
  • Edit: Edit the Assignment's details or quickly and make any changes or updates to its due date
  • Filter By: To quickly navigate through all your students' submissions choose to apply any of our filters such as: Graded, Viewed, Not Viewed, Submitted, Submitted Late, Resubmissions Pending or Class
  • Sortable Headers as Filters: Click on the headers of the Grading Overview to sort your students' submission by Name, Submission Status, Date Submitted, Grade Status. These filters can be arranged to sort in ascending or descending order. 
  • Bulk Grade Selector: Select the bulk marking box to take bulk action on several submissions. Students can be deselected from the bulk action as well. Bulk actions include the following: 


Read Receipts: Underneath each student's name, you will see if they have viewed the Assignment. The indicator will be read as Viewed or Not Viewed depending on whether or not the student has opened the Assignment.


Grading an Assignment:

Teachers can take advantage a series of options when grading their students' submitted work. From inputting a numerical score for their Progress (Gradebook) to commenting and requesting a resubmission, teachers can give students quick feedback on their work or use Assignments to help scaffold learning. 

To grade a student's assignment submission: 

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page
  2. Select a student’s name to view their submission
  3. Grade the Assignment using one of the following options:
    • Numerical Grade: Input a Student's grade in the boxes labeled Score and Total. If you prefer to input non-numerical grades, Pass, Late, Incomplete or N/A for the Score and Total fields are also accepted. Be sure to select Save to submit the grade.
    • Provide Feedback (optional): Type your comments in the text box to the right of your Student's submission and attach any desired materials such as a file, link, or file from your Library. Be sure to click on Add Comment to send it to your Student.
  4. Move between student submissions by clicking on the navigation arrows or open the drop-down menu below the current student's name

Note: When a comment and/or grade is provided, students will receive a notification. Teachers can always update students’ numerical grades directly from within Progress (Gradebook). Assignments that are only assigned to individual students, not to an entire Class/Group, will not appear in Progress (Gradebook). Learn more about adding grades manually to your Progress (Gradebook).



Bulk Grading Assignment Submissions:

Bulk grading allows teachers to quickly assess their students work which is handy for those quick-fire assignments that may just need a pass or fail grade. 

To bulk grade your students' Assignment submissions:   

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page
  2. Select the Class or students you would like to bulk grade:
    • Select a whole Class: Tick the top checkbox above the first Student in your list
    • Select a few students: Tick the check box to the left of each student's name
  3. Click on Bulk Grade in the top toolbar
  4. Enter a grade and a total > Submit Grades



Adjusting a Student's Grade: 

Changing or clearing a student's grade allows not students the opportunity to improve their work but also teachers the flexibility they need to at any time to update their Progress (Gradebook).

To adjust a student's grade:  

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page
  2. Locate the Assignment submission that you would like to update 
  3. Update the student's previous grade 
  4. Wait for Grade Saved to appear just above the updated grade as a form of confirmation

Note: If you delete the grade for both the numerator and denominator category, the student's grade will be cleared and removed completely. 



Requesting a Resubmission:

Some Teachers prefer to do scaffold learning and have their students turn in their work more than once.  Resubmissions allow students to turn in rough drafts and improve them.  Resubmissions also allow students to show any progress they've made on their work to their teacher. 

To request a resubmission from a student: 

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page
  2. Click into a student's submission
  3. Select the Request Resubmission next to their grade and add optional instructions for the student
  4. Click Submit Request to send a resubmission request 

To do bulk resubmission requests: 

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page
  2. Select the Class or students you would like to bulk request a resubmission from:
    1. Select a whole Class: Tick the top checkbox above the first student's name in your list
    2. Select a few students: Tick the check box to the left of each student's name
  3. Click on Resubmission Requests to at the top
  4. Send a personalized message to your students > Send Requests

Note: When a resubmission request is sent, the previous grade for the Student is cleared