Grade an Assignment (Teacher)

After your students have turned in Assignments, you will need to grade the Assignments.

  1. View the Assignment post in your Group or on your main Post Stream or find it in your notifications.
  2. Click the “Turned In" button located on the Assignment post to view a list of all work that needs grading. You will also receive an Alert in your Notifications section any time a student turns in an Assignment.
  3. Select a particular student’s name from the left panel to review the Assignment.
  4. Grade the Assignment by doing the following:
    1. Numerical Grade - type in the boxes at the top right (you can also change grade in the Progress book). Once you enter a denominator, that number will pre-populate in the denominator position for all assignments, however, it can be changed manually. If you prefer non-numerical grades you can enter them here as well. The numerator and denominator can be filled with any number, letter or combination of the two.
    2. Provide Feedback/Comment (optional) - type in the text box and attach a file, link or library document if necessary.
    3. Select “Grade" to submit the grade. Grades will remain editable.

Note: When a comment and/or grade is provided, students will receive a notification. You can also update students’ numerical grades directly from within the Progress Book. Assignments that are only assigned to individual students (not to entire groups) will not appear in the Progress Book. As a workaround, you can grade them using the steps above, then manually add them to the Progress Book.