Post a New Assignment (Teacher)

Creating and turning in an Assignment on Edmodo is easy. Assignment Posts will show up in the Class/Group Stream and will automatically be added to the members' Calendar. 

To post a new assignment more than one Class/Group:

  1. Navigate to one Class/Group 
  2. Click on Create -Primary-Icon.png located in top information panel 
  3. Click Assignment > New from the drop-down menu
  4. Fill out details, title and instructions for the assignment. You can add any visuals or files using any of the attachment options: File clip.png, Link link.png or Library library.png 
  5. Click Assign to open a pop-up to complete the following details before assigning the assignment:
    • Assign to: Type in the names of Classes/Groups or individual students to whom you would like to assign the assignment directly
    • Due on: Establish a due date and time for your students 
    • Lock after due date: Restrict students from turning in the assignment late 
    • Add to Gradebook (Progress): Have all your students scores populate automatically in your Progress (Gradebook)
  6. Click Assign to send the Assignment immediately or select Schedule time.png to choose a time to publish the assignment for your students. Learn more about scheduling a Post.

Note: If you send an Assignment to individual students instead of to a whole Class/Group, it will not display nor be added to Progress (Gradebook). Only Assignments that are sent to an entire Class/Group can be added automatically. To add any Assignments sent to an individual student, teachers will have to manually enter the student’s score. Learn more about adding grades to Progress (Gradebook)