Instruct Your Students to Submit an Assignment (Teacher)

After you have loaded and sent an Assignment to Students, you'll need to teach them how to complete and submit an Assignment. Have your students follow the steps below:

1. Select your Class from the left side panel and the student will see the Assignment in the Post Stream, or they can view the Assignment from their Latest Activity area in the Post Stream of their Homepage.

2. Click the “Open" button located next to the due date to submit the Assignment.



3. Students can choose to create a new text response or Office Online file or attach a pre existing file from their computer, backpack, or connected Drive, or a web link. 

4. Click on the “ Turn in Assignment" button. If the student submits a Word Document, click the "Turn In" button to confirm the submission.



Note: If a student wants to resubmit an Assignment, they can use this same process to resubmit the assignment as many times as necessary, until you have graded it. Once you have graded the Assignment, you can also request that the student resubmit the assignment.

Are your students submitting image files for an Assignment?

Many teachers have their students submit image files for assignments on Edmodo. This is a great way to collect student work. However, when image files are attached to assignment submissions, their file size is reduced to increase the speed and performance of the upload, which can occasionally result in decreased or distorted image quality. If you would like to maintain the original file size and quality of the image, please see the solution below:

  • Students can upload their photos to an external hosting site, such as Flickr or Google Photos, and then attach the links to their images to their assignment submissions. This way, you can ensure that the students' submissions will not be distorted or reduced in quality.
  • Or, browse this list of other photo-sharing sites that you can use.