Moderate Posts and Replies (Teacher)

There may be times when you want to turn moderation on for Class/Group members. This means that members will not be able to post or comment until you confirm their post or turn moderation off. Members can turn in assignments and quizzes, but not post directly while moderation is on. 

To moderate your class/group posts, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Class/Group desired from your Edmodo Homepage
  2. Click on More ellipsis.png located on your Class/Group header
  3. Click Advanced Settings
  4. Check the box next Moderate All Posts and Replies under the Classroom Management section
  5. Click Save Settings


When a Class/Group member sends a post while the moderation mode is on, you will see an indicator in your Bell Notifications bell.png in your top toolbar and you will see a Pending Post right.png indicator at the top of your Class Stream.

To Approve or Decline a Pending Post from your Class/Group, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Class/Group
  2. Click Pending Post right.png
  3. Select the action you would like to take with the Post: Approve or Decline 
  4. Click Done

To Approve or Decline a Pending Post from your Bell Notificationsbell.png, do the following:

  1. Click on the Bell bell.png located on your top toolbar
  2. Select See All in the top right hand corner and navigate into the Posts to Moderate 
  3. Choose the action you wish to take with the Posts: Approve or Decline
  4. Click Done


  • Clicking Decline will prevent the Post from being published in the Class/Group. The member will not be notified that you have declined their Post.
  • Teachers have the option to restrict a single student's ability to post by setting their posting permissions to Read-Only. Learn more about setting a specific member to Read-Only status.