Moderate Posts and Replies (Teacher)

You may want to turn moderation on for Class or Group members. This means that members will not be able to post until you confirm their Post or turn moderation off. Members can turn in Assignments and Quizzes, but not Post directly while moderation is on:

  1. Click on the Class/Group on the left panel of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Click the Settings ellipsis.png icon to the right of your tabs.
  3. Click "Advanced Settings."
  4. Check the box next to “Moderate All Posts and Replies.”
  5. Click the "Save Settings" button.
  6. When a member makes a post, a pending post will show up in both your Notifications and at the top of the Class/Group Post Stream for you to Approve or Decline the Post.

Note: You can also restrict a student's ability to post by setting them to Read-Only. Please see here for more information: Set a Specific Member to Read-Only.


In addition to appearing in your Notifications, pending moderated Posts appear in your Class/Group moderation queue, which can be found on the Class/Group page. In the moderation queue you can see all pending moderated Post for a Class/Group and quickly Approve or Decline then.

When there is a new Post to moderate, a "pending posts" button will appear at the top of the Class/Group page that displays the number of moderated Posts ready to review.

  1. Click the "pending posts" button.
  2. The moderation queue displays all moderated Posts in full, including attachments. Click "Approve" or "Decline" to accept or reject individual Posts. Clicking "Decline" will prevent it from Posting to the Class/Group. The member will not be notified.



You will also get a Notification when there is a new Post to approve. To approve Posts from your Notification menu:

  1. Click on the Bell Notification icon.
  2. Click the Post to open the moderation queue.
  3. Click "Approve" to allow the message to Post to the Class/Group. Clicking "Decline" will prevent it from Posting to the Group. The member will not be notified.


In addition, you can click "See all" and it will take you to the Notifications Page. Click on "Posts to Moderate", and you can view each message. Click "Approve" to allow the message into the Class/Group, or "Decline" to prevent it from posting in the group. The member will not be notified.