Award a Badge (Teacher)

Once you select the “Award Badge” button, you will have the option to create a Badge, choose from Badges you have created in the past, or choose from Edmodo created Badges. You can award a Badge to an individual from the student's profile, but you can award a Badge to multiple students at once from the Progress page.

To award a Badge from a Student’s Profile:

  1. Visit the Profile of the student you’d like to award the Badge to and select the “Award Badge” button at the top of his or her Profile page.
  2. Select a Badge: "My Student Badges" are Badges you have created, or choose an Edmodo created Badge to award.
  3. Hover over the Badges to see the name of each Badge.
  4. Click on the Badge you want to award.
  5. Click the "Award Badge" button.
  6. You'll see the new Badge in the student's Profile under Badges.

Note: You can link to a student’s Profile straight from the Progress page by clicking on the student’s name. You can also type the student’s name into the search field.