Create and Delete a Badge (Teacher)

Badges are a great way to award your students and recognize all their hard work or any milestones they've achieved throughout the academic year. Edmodo provides some simple badges to help you get started with the option to create your own personalized ones. Continue to read to learn more on how to create or delete a personalized Badge: 

Create a Badge

Badges are awarded in your Progress (Gradebook) and are displayed on a student's profile and progress page. Badges can be used to help motivate students in class or to simply recognize any class achievements.    

To create a Badge:

  1. Navigate to your Progress (Gradebook) 
  2. Switch your Progress (Gradebook) view to Badges 
  3. Click on Add Badges located in the the top right-hand corner
  4. Select Add + from the pop-up window
  5. Create your personalized Badge with a title, description and image of your choice. Badge personalized Badge images should be 114x114 pixels. If it is not, it will be automatically resized to fit into this standard Badge size.
  6. Click Add Badge

Note: Animated GIF Badges are no longer a supported file type at this time. Badges can no longer be edited. 



Delete a Badge 

If you created a Badge but no longer want to have it in your Badge bank, you can easily delete it and make room for new ones in the future. 

To delete a Badge:

  1. Click on View Profile in the top left-hand corner of your homepage
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and locate your Badge Collection. it will be under the list of Badges you yourself have earned. 
  3. Click Shared Badges
  4. Locate the Badge you wish to delete
  5. Click on Details > Delete this Badge

Note: If you delete a Badge from your Badge bank that you did not create (i.e. a Badge that another teacher created and shared), you are not deleting it from Edmodo or from that teacher's Badges bank. Instead, it will only be deleted from your Badge bank.