Adding & Editing Grades in your Progress (Gradebook)

We understand that not all classwork comes in the form of a formal assignment or quiz. There are times when teachers would like the flexibility to add grades for class participation, project milestones, or extra credit. Edmodo's Progress (Gradebook) has the flexibility teachers need to add in external grades that are not automatically generated by the assignment and quiz feature. Teachers can also override grades that are automatically generated for any retakes, make-ups, ect.. Continue to read to learn more on how to add , edit, or override a grade in your Progress (Gradebook):

Adding a Grade

While any Assignment or Quiz you post can be automatically added to your Progress (Gradebook), we know not all classroom grades are posted through Edmodo. 

To add any independent grade that does not come from an Edmodo Assignment or Quiz:

  1. Navigate to your Progress (Gradebook)
  2. Click on the blue Add Grade button in the top right-hand corner
  3. Enter the Grade Name and Default Total to the pop-up prompt > Create
  4. A new, blank grade column will be added to your Progress (Gradebook). You can add grades manually by clicking into the column. 

Note: Grades from Assignments and Quizzes sent to individual Students will not automatically appear in your Progress (Gradebook) and must be added manually or updated on a case by case basis.



Edit Grades
Once a student’s Assignment or quiz has been graded, the grade will automatically populate in the Progress (Gradebook) if you have opted for this setting. To edit or override the automatically populated grade, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your Progress (Gradebook)
  2. Locate the Class/Group to which Assignment or Quiz belongs
  3. Find the student's grade that you want to edit or override
  4. Click on the grade to enter a the student's updated grade. Changes are automatically saved.

Note: Only numerical grades will be counted towards the overall percentage of the student's grade.