Assign a Badge to Your Group/Class (Teacher)

Assigning a Badge to a Group or Class is different than awarding a Badge to a student from the student’s profile. To award a badge to a student, click here.

Once you've created a Badge, you can then Assign it to a Group or Class so that you can award it to multiple Students at once. To add a badge to a Group/Class, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Classes” icon class.png in the top toolbar.
  2. In the Sub Headings Section, Select "Progress."
  3. In the upper left corner of the page, select the class.
  4. Click "Add Badge."
  5. Select the badge you’d like to be assigned to the Group/Class.
  6. Click on the "Add badge to this Group" link.
  7. This creates a new column for the Badge.
  8. Click in the column to award the Badge to any student you wish.