Access Your Progress Page (Teacher)

The Progress (Gradebook) is a great place to organize your students' Assignment and Guiz grades. Below are some of the ways you can organize your Progress (Gradebook):

Access Your Progress Page

Your Progress (Gradebook) shows a collections of all your students' marks for all Assignments and Quizzes on Edmodo. Every grade that is added automatically reflects the score your student was given and has a direct access to any of your students' submissions when clicking on their score.

To access your Progress (Gradebook):

  1. Click on Classes class.png in the top toolbar > Progress
  2. Select the class you would like to view from the class drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Depending on what you would like to revise, you can flip between your students' Grades or Badges
  4. Click on an individual student's grade to have direct access to their submission. Alternatively, you can click on their name directly to view more details about their progress.



Add a New Grading Period

If you would like a fresh start to an existing Class/Group's Progress (Gradebook), you can create a new Grading Period, which start a new, blank Gradebook page for your students' grades. You always have the option to edit, transfer, or add new grades to or from any of the previous grading periods.

To create a new Grading Period in Progress (Gradebook):

  1. Navigate to Progress
  2. Locate the Class/Group to which you'd like to add a new grading period 
  3. Click on New Grading Period %2B.png at the top of the current Gradebook page

Your new Grading Period will appear as an empty Progress Book. To flip between Grading Periods, simply select the number at the top section, just above the list of your students.