Grade a Quiz (Teacher)

Once your students have submitted a Quiz, you can view their results and grade any questions that still need grading.

To grade a Quiz:

  1. View the Quiz post in your Group Post Stream.
  2. Click the Turned In button located within the Quiz post to be automatically taken to the Quiz Overview page, where you can see: 
    • The Quiz Overview: Shows score statistics, question breakdowns, and score distribution. 
    • Students: Students who have submitted the quiz and at what time and their grades.  If the Quiz requires you to mark it personally, you will see Grade in the Score column. 
  3. Select a particular student’s name from the left panel to review the responses on the Quiz. Grading the responses will differ based on the question/response type:
    • Multiple choice, Fill in the Blank, True/False: the questions will already be marked correct/incorrect based on which response you specified when creating the Quiz
    • Short Answer: you will need to read the response and mark the answer correct or incorrect. You may also mark short answers partially correct. To do this, mark the question correct, and signify the number of points earned in the space provided.
  4. Click in the Comments field in order to leave a comment. Anything you type in the Comments field will be saved automatically; you do not have to click a button to save your comment (this is different than an Assignment Comment).

Note: Your students' grades will automatically populate in your Progress Book. To view all students' grades on a Quiz, see here: View all Students' Grades on a Quiz. Quizzes that are assigned to individual students (not groups) will not appear in the Progress Book. As a workaround, you can view the results using the steps above, then manually add the grade to the Progress Page.