Grade a Quiz (Teacher)

Edmodo Quizzes are fantastic for quick automatic grading. All quiz questions are calculated and tallied for except for short answer questions, which require a Teacher to mark individually. Once your students have submitted their Quiz, you can view their results, leave any comments on individual questions, and grade any short answer questions that still need grading.

To grade a Quiz:

  1. Navigate to the Quiz Post 
  2. Click on Submission located within the Quiz Post to be automatically taken to the Quiz Overview page, where you can see the following tabs: 
    • Overview: See score statistics, question breakdowns, and score distribution 
    • Students: View a list of students who have submitted the quiz, the status of the quiz (Viewed, Not Viewed, Graded), and Time Submitted.  If the Quiz requires you to mark any short answer questions, the word Grade will display in the Score column.
  3. To review a student's Quiz submission, simply select their name where you can see an individual question breakdown which includes their responses and the points awarded. Depending on the type of question, you will see:
    • Automatically Graded Questions: All question types that are multiple choice, multiple answers, fill in the blank, or true/false will already be marked correct/incorrect based on which response you specified when creating the Quiz.
    • Ungraded Short Answer Questions: Teachers will need to read and award points for short answer questions as they are not automatically graded. Teachers have the option to mark short answer responses as correct, incorrect, or award partial credit.
  4. Click in the Comments field to leave any feedback for your student. Anything you type in the Comments field will be saved automatically. You do not have to click a button to save your comment (this is different than an Assignment Comment).