Lock a Quiz after the Due Date (Teacher)

You can lock a Quiz to stop all students from taking the Quiz (such as after the due date). This will prevent any student that has access to the Quiz post from taking or viewing the Quiz. It can be unlocked at anytime (which will allow students to take the Quiz). To do this:

  1. Click the Filter Posts By button on the top right side of your Group's post stream.
  2. Find the Quiz you want to lock > Turned in.
  3. Click the more icon ellipsis.pnglocated in the top toolbar of the quiz options.
  4. Select Lock Quiz.

If you only want to stop only specific students from taking a Quiz follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Progress icon on your top toolbar.
  2. Type a placeholder for students that will not take the Quiz (i.e: “A”= Absent, “E”=Excused, “N/A”= Not Applicable).

Note: This will prevent a student from turning in the Quiz and will not affect the grade, unless a numerical value is typed in the box.