Create and Send a Quiz (Teacher)

Edmodo Quizzes are a versatile that can be used for a number of pedagogical applications. It's easy to create a Quiz, then modify it or assign it to your Class. 

To create a Quiz from your Class view:

  1. Select -Primary-Icon.png  located at the top of your Edmodo Class page
  2. Click Create Quiz to create a new Quiz.  
  3. Fill in the Quiz's details 
  4. Select the Quiz Questions tab to create your Quiz
  5. Create your quiz questions. Click here to learn more about Quiz question types. 
    • Add any attachments to make questions more visually appealing and diverse for your students. 
    • To include weighted Quiz questions, try adjusting the point value to match the total points you want. 
    • Reuse questions from a previous Edmodo Quiz by using the Add from Question Bank option. 
    • Add additional questions by hovering over the horizontal line that separates two questions and clicking on the Plus Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.39_PM.png 
    • Rearrange any questions by hovering over Move Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.23_PM.png next to the question number and dragging the questions to your desired order. 
  6. Click Assign to post the Quiz immediately. Learn more about Quiz settings and options here.


  • You can choose to load a previously existing Quiz from your Library at any time. If you choose to load an existing Quiz, you will be able to edit it before assigning.
  • Revise and see your Quiz as a students by clicking on Preview at the top. 
  • Your Quiz will be automatically saved to your Edmodo Library if you do not assign it. You can assign this Quiz from your Class page or from your Library at any time.
  • Click More  three_dots.pngto see additional options such as print, make a copy or delete

  • 2021-08-18_05-33-39__1_.gif

When you're ready to send your Quiz, be sure to select between the options desired:

    • Assign To: Select the Class recipient for your Quiz.  If you want to send the Quiz to more than one class or an individual student, you can search for them from within this field. 
    • Due On: Set a Due Date and time for your Students to complete the Quiz.
    • Lock after Due Date: Lock the Quiz after your set Due Date passes, prohibiting Students from taking it late. 
    • Time Limit: Set a time limit (in minutes) for your Students to complete the Quiz. Once a Student starts the Quiz, they must answer all questions before the allotted time has passed.
    • Randomize Questions: Randomize the question order for each Student who takes the Quiz. 
    • Add to Gradebook (Progress): Automatically add your Students’ scores to your Progress page.  This is marked by default. 
    • Show Correct Answer Upon completion:  Allow Students to view how they answered the Quiz as well as the correct answer for each question.
    • Show Score Upon Completion Students: Permit Students to see their overall score.
    • Schedule for Later: Choose to send the Quiz post out at a later date. When choosing this option, the Quiz post will be in your Scheduled Post queue. 

Note: If you send a Quiz to individual students, rather than the whole Class, the results will not be added automatically to Gradebook (Progress). Instead, their Quiz results will be in What's Due where you can manually enter the score into your Progress page.