Load a Previously Created Quiz (Teacher)

Once you have created a Quiz and it has posted to a Class or Group, it will be stored in Edmodo and you can easily distribute the same Quiz at any time to any of your Groups or Classes.

To send a Previously Created Quiz:

  1. From your Class or Group stream, select the “Quiz” tab located in the post bubble at the top.
  2. Click the "Load From Collection" link.
  3. Click the specific Quiz you want to use from the list of Quizzes you have created in the past to assign the exact same Quiz.
  4. Click the “Edit” icon -  - to edit or add new questions or make changes if necessary.
  5. Specify the due date, and click the Add to Gradebook link if desired.
  6. Choose your recipients in the "Send to" field and click “Send” to post the Quiz to the class, group or individual student.

Note: If you delete the original Quiz post, the Quiz will no longer appear in your previously created Quiz list. If you delete a Quiz, it will also delete any associated student work and grades on your Progress Page.