Share a Quiz with Another Teacher (Teacher)

Teachers love to share teaching resources. You can easily share any of your Edmodo created Quizzes (or Assignments) with other teachers on Edmodo so that they too can use them with their students. Just another way Edmodo makes collaborating easy. 

To share a Quiz, just attach the Quiz from your Library to a Note! Any teacher recipient of the Note will be able to add the Quiz to their Library, then assign it to their students. Here's some more details:

  1. Navigate to your Library library.png by clicking the icon in the top bar.
  2. Locate the Quiz in your Library. By default, all Quizzes will be in the My Quiz Folder, unless you move them.
  3. Click the down arrow down.pngto the right of any Quiz
  4. Select  Attach to Note and enter the name of the recipient, teacher or group into the recipient field. Fill in the note's text in order to complete the process.
  5. Click Send.

The Quiz will then be sent as an attachment. Teachers will get a notification that it has been sent and it will appear in their homepage stream. Teacher recipients can add the Quiz to their Library by simply clicking on the Quiz > Add to Library. Once the Quiz is in their Library, they can assign it to their students!

Here is more info on receiving a shared Quiz.

Note: If a Quiz is attached to a Note that is sent to students, students wont be able to do anything with the Quiz, as students cannot add Quizzes to their Backpacks.

Sharing a Quiz with another teacher: 



Receiving the Quiz and Adding it to your Library: