Retake a Quiz (Teacher)

To retake a Quiz, first the teacher must delete the student's grade on their first quiz attempt. Then, the student will be able to retake the Quiz.

To delete the grade and allow a student to retake a Quiz, the teacher must:

  1. Go to the "Classes" tab at the top panel and hover over it. A panel underneath should pop up.
  2. Click on the "Progress" tab.
  3. Select the class and period where the quiz was taken in.
  4. Find the Quiz submission you want to delete where the student's row and the Quiz column converge, and click "View Submission".
  5. Click "Delete Quiz Submission" on the left side of the page. Click Delete to confirm.
  6. Let the student know they can retake the Quiz! This will be the same for them as taking a quiz for the first time.

Note: This must be done from the Quiz Overview page and not the Progress page.