Print a Quiz (Teacher)

Printing your Edmodo Quizzes is easy! You can print Quizzes while you are creating them for your records or for reviewing the Quiz in class later on. Printed Quizzes is a great way to have students practice annotating questions, while still taking advantage of the features (like automatic grading) that taking quizzes online provides. Click on the links below to learn how to print quizzes:

To print a hard copy of a Quiz from your Library:

  1. Navigate to Library library.png > My Quizzes 
  2. Select More ellipsis.png to the right of the Quiz you want to print > Edit
  3. Click on More ellipsis.png in the top toolbar > Print where a blank preview of your quiz will be opened in a new tab

To print a hard copy of Quiz Submission

  1. Click on a quiz from your class stream
  2. Click on the printer button 2021-06-28_16-05-05.png on the quiz overview page
  3. A PDF preview of your quiz submissions will be opened in a new tab