Quiz Limitations

Teachers love using Quizzes in Edmodo classrooms, and for this reason, we’re working constantly to improve the Quiz feature. The following is a current list of Quiz Limitations at this time:

  • It is not currently possible to import Quiz questions from an external program; all Quizzes and Quiz questions must be created within Edmodo.
  • Once as student starts a Quiz, it cannot be paused; when the allotted time runs out, the Quiz will no longer be accessible to the student. Read the instructions on allowing students to retake a Quiz.
  • Once a student has taken a Quiz, you can no longer edit that Quiz.
  • It’s not possible to print Quiz results at this time. It is possible, however, to print a copy of the Quiz.
  • When a Quiz is assigned to an individual, the Quiz score will not automatically be added to the Progress Page. You’ll need to manually add this grade to the Progress Page.