Create Your Personal Invitation Link

Did you know that you can create your own personal invitation link? This is a great way to help get others started on Edmodo and grow your Edmodo network. Any time somebody goes to your personal invitation link, it will be easy for them to sign up, and when they sign up, you will earn credit towards unlocking referral Badges! This is especially useful if you don't have another teacher's email address - simply give them the URL, and have them visit it to sign up. 

To create your personal invitation link:

  1. Claim your personal Edmodo Profile URL by going to your Account Settings and editing the section titled "Profile URL" at the bottom.
  2. When you are ready to give out your referral link, just add "/referral" to the end of your personal Profile URL (example: This is the personal invitation link that you can share with others!
  3. Pass out your personal invitation link to other teachers. After they visit the the URL, it takes one simple step to sign up, and you will earn credits towards your referral Badges!

Note: Learn more about other ways to invite teachers on to Edmodo and unlock referral Badges here. 

This screenshot shows you where you can claim your personal Edmodo Profile URL. Once you know your Profile URL, simply add "/referral" to the end to create your personal invitation link.