What's New (Feature Release Notes)

March 2017

Introducing your very own digital copy machine through Edmodo! You can now Make Copies of Office and Google attachments in your Assignments so that each of your Students gets their own individual copy to edit and submit. Read all about it here!


In addition to Annotating Word docs through Office Online, it is possible once again to Annotate PDFs through Crocodoc!


February 2017

It is now possible to organize Small Groups by "drag and drop". Check out this screencast for clarification: https://www.screencast.com/t/j2GYSV2G6

Previously Small Groups were organized alphabetically, but now you get to decide!

November 2016

Sometimes it is easier to annotate an Assignment to give your feedback rather than writing lengthy comments. It is now possible to Annotate a Student Assignment through Office Online. Check it out here!


September 2016

You can now add Spotlight Apps to your App Launcher. Check out the applications available and add them to your Students' App Launcher for easy access! 


July 2016

Notes that you send to your Groups will automatically populate in the Posts sections of the Parent account! You will now longer need to type the Parent Group as a recipient, as they will see all Notes sent to the Student Group. Feel free to opt out of this feature within your Group Settings page and control each post that the Parent can see.


June 2016

Students and Teachers can now add attachments to replies! Check out this screenshot for clarification on the update


June 2016

The Edmodo Store has moved into Spotlight. All Apps now have a "Log in with Edmodo" button. No more need to remember extra passwords :)


May 2016

Threaded replies and Likes to replies! Check out this screenshot for further clarification!


April 2016

Quiz Sharing!

Collaboration on Edmodo just keeps getting better! You can now share any of your Edmodo-created Quizzes (or Assignments) with other teachers so that they too can use them with their students.


March 2016


Interested in following a specific Topic? Want to collaborate with Teachers who teach your exact Subject or teach Students in your Grade Level? Start a Conversation is here to help. Take a look at our new Topics feature!


February 2016

Sign up or Log In with Office 365 and Google

You can now use either your Office 365 for business account, or your Google account to sign up or log in to Edmodo. This should save time when logging in and will automatically link your One Drive or Google Drive to your Library!


January 2016

Updates to Assignments:

Request an Assignment Resubmission: Did one of your Students forget to attach a file to his or her Assignment? Or, did the Assignment not meet your expectations? Good news- You can now ask a Student to resubmit an Assignment through the click of a button! 

Grade multiple assignments at once: Ever Grade an Assignment based on completion? Or, did multiple Students earn the same Grade on an Assignment? You can now Grade Multiple Assignments at Once! You can also clear multiple Assignment grades!


Updates to Small Groups: 

Automatically add all members to a Small Group: From within the Members tab of a Small Group, you can set up the Group so that new Group Members are automatically added to the Small Group. 

Independent Read-Only settings for Small Groups: If you want students to be read-only in the main Group, but able to post in a Small Group, or vice-versa, now that's possible! You can change Small-Group specific read-only settings from the "Members" tab inside the Small Group.


December 2015

Backpack 2.0

The new student Backpack includes the same improvements that were recently applied to the teacher Library, including: sub-folders, multi-select, right-click, a cleaner look, and more!


November 2015 

Library 2.0

The new and improved Library translates teacher-feedback in to a more powerful file management system than Edmodo has ever had before! New features in the Library include subfolders, much more functionality, better search, quiz and assignment folders, and more.

"Add to Gradebook" option on Assignments

If you ever do practice assignments that you don't want showing up in your Edmodo Gradebook, then Edmodo Assignments just got better for you. On every Assignment you post, you'll now see an "Add to Gradebook" option to help you keep your Gradebook organized.


September 2015

Follow Posts!

See a Post that interests you, and want to get notified when others Reply? You can now click "Follow" on the Post to stay looped in on the conversation! 

Office Online integration

Edmodo now integrates with Microsoft Office Online, allowing teachers and students  to create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files straight from Edmodo! Just click the "Office Online" app on the Apps Toolbar. The files are created in the browser so you can work on them even if you do not have the programs installed on your computer. Also, edits that you make will automatically be saved to your Library  / Backpack! Having students complete work on Edmodo has never been easier.


August 2015

New Parent website!

The Parent website now offers a brand new and improved experience, including the ability to reply to teachers' Posts that are sent to Parents! Learn all about the Parent site in the Parent section of our Help Center.


July 2015

3rd Column

We've introduced a third column on the right side of your screen that contains various features to make your Edmodo experience better! From inviting colleagues to Edmodo and students to your Group, to viewing all Assignments, and more, find all kinds of useful material in this right column.


June 2015

Pin a Post to the top of your Post Stream

Group owners and co-teachers now have the ability to "pin" a Post to the top of a Group's Post Stream so that it is the first thing others see when they visit the Group. This makes it easier to ensure that your students are seeing the most important information every day!

New Groups layout

You'll see a new design on the Groups page that differentiates the Group page from the home page, and makes it clear exactly which Group you are in. 


May 2015

Auto-embedding links

We've made the process of attaching a link even easier. Now, if you paste a URL in to your Post, Edmodo will detect it as a URL, and embed it below the post along with a large thumbnail to attract students' attention to the resource. If you prefer using the old method, or want to attach multiple links, you can still use the "link" icon on the Post, too. 

"Likes" on Posts

Reacting to a Post just got a lot simpler. Rather than choosing from a list of reactions, simply indicate if you "like" a Post. And if you went a little like-crazy, don't worry, you can un-like too.

Ordering Posts by recent activity in Latest Posts stream home page

On the Latest Posts stream on your home page, you will now see that Posts aren't always in chronological order of when they were posted. Now, when replies are made to a Post, that Post will move to the top of the Latest Posts stream, making it easier to stay involved on the most active, current discussions going on in your Groups. On the Groups page, Posts will continue to be in chronological order based on when the Post was made.


April 2015

Emojis in posts

Your favorite way to communicate emotions in text are now included in Edmodo Posts. Just use your keyboard to make a face, e.g. :), :/, etc, and watch it turn in to an emoji to express your mood! :D ! 

Parent Replies from mobile apps

The Edmodo for Parents mobile apps (iPhone and Android) allow parents to stay more involved in their child's classroom by providing the ability for Parents to reply to Posts sent to them from Teachers. Since teachers have different preferences when it comes to communicating with Parents, teachers have the option to set parents to read-only. However, the default will be for Parents to be able to reply.


March 2015

Removed student Reactions on Assignments and Quizzes

We streamlined homework submissions by removing a student’s ability to use Reactions when turning in an Assignment or Quiz on Edmodo. You said Reactions inhibited the process, so we’re working on alternate, optional ways for everyone to provide insight on posts, assignments, and quizzes.

New Edmodo training resources

Bring a Certified Trainer to your school; conduct virtual, facilitated coursework; or try our self-guided webinars and resources.


February 2015

Edit attachments

Did you include the wrong file in a Post? No worries, you can update attachments as easily as erasing your whiteboard.



January 2015

Update a student’s school

Have a new student who came from a different school? Quickly tweak their school from your Group’s Members page.

Remove a student’s profile picture

Too many selfies? Monitor your student’s profile photos and review our safety best practices for more tips.

Change the role on your profile page

“Teacher” doesn’t always describe exactly what you do. Customize your role on your profile to tell everyone who you are.

Parent Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

Designed to immediately show you what you need to know - this application for Parents puts the most important information front and center so that parents can stay in the loop and help their children reach their full potential.


December 2014


For those of you who used the old tag feature, hashtags are a great way to start tagging posts again! Simply add hashtags to your posts and use the “Posts” tab on the Search Results page to filter the results by a certain group or Community. All posts in your group with that particular hashtag will then appear.

Student Growth Reports

Teachers whose schools or districts have purchased Edmodo Management can now access student growth reports that show a student's progress over time. The report allows you to see student performance on every Snapshot they've taken, and includes a graph that shows the student's cumulative mastery of all available standards for the selected grade level and subject. Also, all the data is exportable and printable, allowing you to download and manipulate it, or print it out and show it off!  

Standard Growth Reports

Teachers whose schools or districts have purchased Edmodo Management can access standards growth reports that show all students' progress on a standard over the course of multiple Snapshots. The report allows you to see historical student performance on every Snapshot they've taken for a specific standard. Also, all the data is exportable and printable, allowing you to download and manipulate it, or print it out and show it off!  To learn how to view growth reports for an individual student on all standards, see here. 


November 2014

Open Minds

OpenMinds pairs standards-aligned worksheets with engaging, interactive games. The OpenMinds app is available with an Edmodo Management subscription! With Open Minds, you can:

  • Discover standards-aligned worksheets. Available for a variety of of subjects and grade levels, and created by teachers.
  • Build and share Worksheets of your own. Support your fellow teachers by uploading the worksheets you use in your classroom.
  • Assign directly to your Edmodo Groups. Help students review concepts with a fun, interactive game of their choice.

Learn more about Open Minds here.


October 2014

Remove a Student's Profile Picture
Did a student use an inappropriate image for their profile picture? Not to worry, you can remove this at any time by following the instructions in this article.

Premium Games in Snapshot
Help your students master the Common Core with standards-aligned games! These premium resources are available to any school or district with Edmodo Management. Once your students have taken a Snapshot, choose from a number of fun, engaging games that will help you reteach and personalize concepts, as well as help students who need a little extra practice.


September 2014

More Powerful Search

Edmodo's new Search Bar is more powerful than ever and makes it easy to find old Posts, people to connect with, and free standards aligned resources.  Just enter what you're looking for in the Search Bar.  If you see your result, click on it!  If not, hit "Enter" then use the filters on the left side to narrow your results and find exactly what you're looking for.

Resource Recommendations

In addition to showing where your students have the most room to grow, Edmodo Snapshot now also recommends free standards-aligned resources to address learning gaps. These resources include online videos, games, reading, illustrations, activities, lesson plans, and more—all designed to help you lead your students to standards mastery.  Assign the recommended resources to your students to help them master your standards!


August 2014

Redesigned iPhone app

The Edmodo native iPhone app has been redesigned with a sleek new feel and a brand new user experience to make using Edmodo on your iPhone better than ever!  In the app, you'll find all of the features you've come to know and love on the iPhone, redesigned from the ground up with a beautifully simple look and feel.

Texas TEKS and Virginia Vsol standards incorporated in to Snapshot

Teachers in Texas and Virginia can now use Snapshot to assess their students mastery of state standards and gain actionable insights to inform their instruction. Teachers associated with a TX or VA school simply have to launch Snapshot and will find their state's standards are automatically loaded.


July 2014

Personalized Avatar Creator

With the new Edmodo Avatar creator, students and teachers can create customized avatars for their profiles. Drawing from thousands of options for faces, features, hairstyles, colors, and more, the combinations are nearly endless and provide a great way to show off creativity to classmates, teachers, colleagues, and peers.  Feel like a mad scientist with pink hair - create your Avatar and show the world!


June 2014 

A new app for Windows 8

Edmodo is more mobile-friendly than ever!  We now have an app specifically optimized for Windows 8.1. The Windows 8 app includes the full suite of features found on the Edmodo website as well as integrations with core Windows 8.1 tablet functionality, such as live tiles, split screen, and charms. Learn more about the Windows 8 app here, and Edmodo's mobile apps in general here.

Snapshot Reports go Mobile

In addition to students being able to take Snapshots on the iPad and Android apps, teachers can now view their Snapshot Reports on the iPad and Android apps too. This allows teachers to stay in touch with their students Common Core mastery from anywhere - perfect for lesson planning on the go!

Get Verified 

As part of our ongoing commitment to the safety and security of our network, we’ve launched a new verification process for Edmodo teacher accounts. Just as Group Codes and Join URLs help to ensure the privacy of your groups and the students in them, getting your account verified will help us ensure that everything and everyone on Edmodo is relevant and reliable.  Teachers who work with students 8th grade and below will be required to get verified.  You only need to verify your teacher account once, and there are several ways to do so, which you can learn about here


May 2014

Edmodo Apps Playground

The Edmodo Apps Playground is a Group where you can try out apps, collaborate with other teachers, learn about their favorite apps, provide feedback to app publishers, and request new apps you'd like to see on Edmodo.  It's a playground - for Edmodo Apps! To join the Group, use this Join Group URL: https://edmo.do/j/ykij2s


April 2014

Edmodo Snapshot

Edmodo Snapshot is a free, easy to use micro-assessment tool that will help prepare your students to master the Common Core Standards in ELA or Math (grades 3-12). With just a few clicks, Snapshot generates a Common Core aligned formative assessment on the specific Standard(s) of your choice, then delivers real-time actionable insights on student mastery. Students can take Snapshots on web-browsers, iPads, and Android devices. Since Snapshot assesses US-based standards, Snapshot is only automatically available to U.S schools and can be turned on by request for schools in U.S Territories, American International schools, and US Department of Defense schools. Please contact support to have that feature enabled. 

New Notifications 

Notifications have been entirely redesigned to more efficient and informative, and provide a record of your past Edmodo activity. In the new Notifications, you can now:

  • Respond to Notifications from directly within the Notification window - quickly respond to Posts, accept join-requests, and more, then move right on to the next one!
  • Review your Past Edmodo activity. Your Notification history is now saved - no more searching for old Replies! In this history, you can mark Notifications as "un-read" to highlight them to come back to later. Or hide Notifications you no longer want to see so that you only see what is most important to you.
  • Click "View Categories" to view Notifications by category on a page where you can remove them permanently.

Learn all about the new Notifications here.  

New iPad app Features

  • Google Drive in your Library: You can now connect your Google Drive account to your Edmodo account from within the iPad app so that you can easily access your Google Drive documents in your Library and attach them to Posts!
  • Assignment Comments are now available on the iPad app! Teachers and Students can now submit and view Assignment Comments. Teachers can also delete any comment made on an assignment in any group they own. Learn more about this here.
  • Follow and Unfollow Communities: Teachers can now manage their Communities on the iPad app by discovering, following, and unfollowing Communities. Learn more about this here.


February 2014

iPad app updates: 

  • Group Navigation: You can now access all of a Group's posts, members, and small-groups directly from the Group's page, making it easy to participate in and manage your group on your iPad. 
  • Filtering: Filtering Posts and Library items is now simpler than ever.
  • Communities: Verified teachers are now able to Post in subject and publisher Communities, including the Support Community. Access your Communities with a quick tap in the left sidebar.
  • Deleting Posts: Posts can now be deleted by the creator of the Post or any teacher/co-teacher in a Group that the Post was sent to.  

Edmodo Apps now available on on the Edmodo iPad App:


January 2014

New and Improved Android App:

  • To create a seamless mobile experience in (and out of) the classroom, we’ve completely redesigned the native Edmodo app for Android users. Available worldwide through Google Play, this new version features smoother navigation, simplified layout and increased functionality. Learn more about the latest version of our app here!

View Quiz Results on iPad, Students:

  • Students can now view their quiz results on the iPad app, once all of the quiz questions, including the Short Answer questions, have been graded. Students will see a "View Results" button on the quiz Post. Students will see their total score at the top, followed by the results of individual questions.


December 2013

Multiple File Uploads:

  • Teachers and students now have the ability to select multiple files at once when adding files to the Library (or backpack, for students) or to a post. This is especially helpful for users that would like to add many resources from their personal computer onto Edmodo. We are happy to save you some of your valuable time!
  • To do this on a Mac, hold down the "Command" key and select the individual files. To do this on a PC, hold down the "CTRL" key and select the individual files.


November 2013

iPad App Updates:

  • Copy and Paste: You can now copy text and links directly from Edmodo posts in the iPad app. Long press any text to copy a word, phrase or paragraph to paste anywhere on your iPad!
  • Clickable Links: Hyperlinks are now accessible directly from our iPad app. Simply tap a hyperlink inside the app to open up a browser right inside the iPad app. You can even open that link in Safari to continue browsing!

Locking Assignments:

  • You can now choose to lock an assignment after the due date. This will prevent students from turning in an assignment after it is due.
  • To do this, click on the "Lock this assignment after its due date" checkbox when you create the assignment. Or, after you've created the assignment, go to the assignment overview page and click on "Assignment Options" and check the box.

Image Viewing:

  • If there are multiple photos in a post, you can now scroll through multiple images with just a click! This improved photo navigation feature allows for easy image viewing.
  • Click on the first photo in the post, and click on the arrow to view other attached images (or press the arrow key on your keyboard.)

Viewing Reactions:

  • You can now quickly see all reactions for a post as well as which users gave these reactions. This helps you see quick and instant feedback from your students!
  • To do this, click on the reactions submitted under a post and click "View all reactions."

Archived Tags:

  • If you did not use tags in a previous version of Edmodo, this may not apply. However, if you previously used tags on your posts, we're happy to let you know we've created access to view your previously tagged posts. You can now access your former tags (you cannot currently create new ones).
  • To access your archived tags if you previously used these, click on the "Me" drop-down and then "Archived Tags."

September 2013 

Latest Update to the Edmodo iPad app:

  • The Edmodo App now allows users to take quizzes! Students and Teacher can now take and submit all quizzes directly from the app. This new feature includes the ability to flag questions to come back to later and see an overview of all quiz questions while you work. Be sure to update your Edmodo App to see these updates!
  • For now, Edmodo quizzes must still be created on the web version – but stay tuned, quiz creation for iPad is coming!


August 2013

Latest Version of the Edmodo iPad app:

  • The latest version of the iPad app now has even more group settings and customization!
  • You can now Archive and Delete your old groups as well as set incoming students to Read-Only or Moderate incoming posts.
  • You can even change your groups' grade level, description and subject area. You can also unlock and lock your group's code right in the app!

Group Join URL:

  • Your Group's Join URL is now shorter!
    • This shortened Join URL allows you to share it with your students more easily. Any previously shared longer URL will still work the same as this shortened URL.
  • Students can create an account with the Group's Join URL!
    • If a student does not have an account and is given the Join URL (either new shortened or previous longer URL), the student can create an account. You will be notified when there is a new member to approve.

Locked Group Codes

  • New Updates to your Group Code:
    • Groups will automatically lock after 14 days of creation or resetting the code.
    • The locked group code will still allow students to join your group if they have an existing account or sign up. Access to your group will be granted in the form of an approval queue, monitored by you!
    • Unlocked Group Codes will allow students to instantly join your group.
  • Note: This locked group code update will apply to any groups locked after 8/14/2013. Unfortunately, all locked group codes prior to 8/14/2013 will still be expired. To obtain a new group code to distribute to members, which will never expire, please unlock the group. 

Create Group and Group Settings:

  • When you create a group, you are able to select your "Expected Group Size." You can change your expected size at any time, in your Group Settings, and there is no limit for the number of members that join. After selecting an "Expected Group Size", a progress bar appears on your member tab, showing how many members have joined. Once all members have joined (based on the expected size), your progress bar will be fully green. This will help you easily see how close you are to having all your members join your group!
  • You can select your "Group Moderation Settings" (moderate group and select all members to read only) after your group has been created by clicking the "Group Settings" icon.
  • Your Group Settings no longer has a basic and advanced tab; all settings are shown once you click on the "Group Settings" icon.

School Search:

  • When selecting your school, you will see other Edmodo users at your school to ensure you are selecting your correct school. This will also give you an idea of other teachers on Edmodo, so you can easily connect with them and begin to expand your PLN (Personal Learning Network!)

Homepage Format

  • Our Homepage has a new look! You will see the screencast below that the clean new interface has a two column approach. This means that some of your favorite features may have moved around, but they are still accessible :)

Adding Folders to a Group

Small Group Management and Small Group Folders

Apps Toolbar

  • The Apps Toolbar is the new home to your planner and all your customized apps. 

International Users

  • Edmodo is excited to make its amazing selection of free apps available to educators all over the world. No matter your location, you can now discover a wide range of free modular, curated apps designed to enrich your lesson plans.


  • The "Notifications" icon on the top toolbar tells you the number of categories of activities, click on it and you can see a list of these activities. Soon you will have a running history your notifications so you can track activity through time. Cool, huh? We thought so too!

New Training Deck

  • If you are getting ready to train your teachers, use this slideshow for all the new screenshots.

Edmodo iPad App

  • Be sure to update your Edmodo iPad App; we have just released a new and improved App! This App is easier than ever to navigate and we have provided easy to follow guides to walk you through it.

See it for yourself. Watch What’s New!