What's New on Edmodo (Feature Release Notes)

This section covers release updates for the Desktop version of Edmodo. For updates to our mobile apps, please see iOS app release notes and Android app release notes.



June 2, 2020 

✨ Add some fun by adding a GIF ✨



We want to make online classrooms more fun and exciting for teachers and learners, and we’ve been working on a new feature that lets you Add a GIF to your post! Teachers and students can now post or reply using the new Add a GIF icon that appears in your post options. This is a great way to add some flair to your class discussions while keeping the conversation educational.  

Please note that only certain countries will have access to the Add a GIF feature initially, but we’ll bring it to everyone else soon!


  • There are 14 categories to choose from (like “Excited” or “Friendship”)
  •  All available GIFs have been hand-picked by Edmodo Team members to ensure their appropriateness for education. 
  • It’s easy to add a GIF to a Post or a Reply. Simply click the “GIF” icon and then select which one you’d like to use. 



May 22, 2020 

A new quick view into What’s Due 📆 👁️

The What's Due Quick View helps you get fast insight of what's coming up at a glance. Teachers now have a new view of all Assignments and Quizzes due in a Class for a given week. You can also quickly tell which students have viewed and submitted them. 

  • Available on both the Class Management and individual Class pages, the What’s Due Quick View helps teachers quickly stay on top of assigned work. 
  • The What’s Due Quick View shows the current week’s due items only, but you can click the left or right arrows to view past or upcoming weeks’ work. 
  • Clicking into the columns “Assigned,” “Not Viewed,” or “Submitted” will take you to the corresponding Quiz or Assignment Grading Page. Here you can grade submitted work, or send your students a reminder to turn work in with just one click!




May 7, 2020 

🕹️👾 Gamified Quizzes via JumpStart Activity Studio

We’re excited to introduce JumpStart Activity Studio, a new app in Edmodo Discover. With Activity Studio, you can quickly find and create interactive activities to gamify quiz taking and bring more excitement to your classroom. You can even host live trivia challenges for your class. 

  • Select from hundreds of pre-made activities by grade and subject, or create activities using your own questions and a variety of activity templates.
  • Share activities with your Classes on Edmodo to check understanding and increase classroom engagement, even at a distance. Or just to have fun. :)




May 1, 2020 

Reusing Quizzes and Assignments ♻️ ☑️

Is there a Quiz or Assignment you used with your Edmodo Class that really worked? Now it’s easier to reuse these activities with other Classes. 

Now, when you create a new Quiz or Assignment, it will appear in a new system folder that can be found at the top of your Library (“My Quizzes” and “My Assignments,” respectively.)

The Quizzes or Assignments contained in these folders are the original version of the document and are considered to be the master file that you can edit and reuse. Making changes to them will not affect any Quizzes or Assignments that you’ve already assigned to a Class.

Quiz editing has also been improved. When you want to edit a Quiz that has been assigned, you will have the options to edit the original Quiz, edit the assigned version, or make a copy of the assigned version. Learn more

  • Editing the original Quiz will allow you to make changes to the original version of the Quiz. This won’t affect any Quizzes you have already assigned.
  • Editing the assigned Quiz will allow you to make limited changes to the Quiz that you’ve assigned to students. Things like the Quiz Title and point values can be edited, but (for the most part) Questions and Answers cannot be changed.
  • Making a copy of the assigned Quiz will allow you to edit the Quiz freely, and will also create a new original version of this Quiz in the “My Quizzes” folder in your Library. This option is useful if you need to make a few minor changes to a Quiz and assign it to a different Class. 

We hope these changes make it easier for you to locate, edit, and reuse Quizzes and Assignments on Edmodo.




April 30, 2020 

Edmodo is now available in Serbian (Српски) 🇷🇸 and Greek (Ελληνικά) 🇬🇷 languages! 


And that’s not all...now you can attach images to Quiz Answer choices! 🖼️❓

Edmodo Quizzes are now even more versatile, dynamic, and fun! Now you can attach images to individual question answer choices (previously, you were limited to attaching images to the Quiz Question prompt only.) 

This opens up many new ways that Quizzes can be used! 

  • Attach images to answer choices to add more variety to Quiz questions
  • Images can help convey more complex answer options 
  • An image can be attached with or without supporting text on the answer choice. 




April 22, 2020 


Want to share Edmodo with other teachers you know? Now there’s an Edmodo Getting Started page to help new users get up to speed on how to start their Edmodo journey. 



Friendlier Class Codes 🔠

We’ve updated the way information about Class Codes appears in your Class page. We wanted to make Class Codes easier to use while also ensuring best practices for classroom safety.

Make sure you never share an Unlocked Class Code in an unsecure location. Anyone with the Unlocked Class Code can join your Class. 

Now when you click on the Class Code section in your Class header, you’ll see a couple changes:  

  • The Class Code is now visible to the teacher at all times, even when the Code is LOCKED. This change makes it easier for a teacher to share a Locked Class Code. Students or other educators who join your Class using a Locked Class Code will be placed on a Pending Queue, where the teacher must approve them to admit them.  
  • Instructions on the Class Code window are now more clear and intuitive. It’s now easier to copy the Class Code to share it. Please be sure to ONLY share the Code in secure places.  

Note: If you need to share an invitation to a Class digitally, we recommend you use the Join URL “Share link with students and teachers” option. Similar to joining with a Locked Class Code, joining using the “Share link with students and teachers” option will add members to the Pending Queue, where the teacher must approve them to admit them. 

You can read more about Class Codes here.



April 15, 2020 

✅👥 New Pending Queue for Classes

When students enter a locked code or a Join URL, they must be approved by the teacher of the Class before they are admitted. Now teachers can admit or reject students in bulk from the new Pending Queue

On the Pending Queue you can quickly approve or reject pending members: 

  • Use the “Approve” or “Reject” buttons to instantly approve or reject all pending members in the queue. 
  • Check the boxes next to individual pending members and then approve or reject them.
  • Use the top “Select All” checkbox to select all pending members, then uncheck any unwanted boxes and approve or reject the selected members.  



April 9, 2020 

It’s now easier to find and edit your Quizzes and Assignments 🔍

Have you ever looked in Edmodo for a Quiz or Assignment you used with a previous Class, only to get lost in your Library? We heard that frustration, and added new folders in your Library (“My Assignments” and “My Quizzes”) to help you find and use these resources more easily. 

  • The new folders appear after you create a new Quiz or Assignment. They can be found at the top of your Library. 
  • Because they are considered system folders, you won’t be able to Move, Edit, or Delete them. 
  • Because we didn’t want to mess up your organization, old Quizzes and Assignments can still be found where you left them. 



March 30, 2020 

We know how important it is to keep learning going, even while facing difficult situations like COVID-19. With schools around the world closing, we’ve put together some practical resources to help teachers get started with distance learning using Edmodo and other tools of their choice). You can find these resources in our Distance Learning Collection on Discover. 



March 12, 2020 

Improvements to teacher networks on Edmodo

We’ve made a change to show teacher location on posts made in public areas. This is to help teachers build their professional network in a trusted online community, and make it easier to connect with other educators to share ideas and resources. 

Teachers can now also select topic interests they’d like to follow to find education content and educator discussions. 

  • Teachers can select interests to follow using the “Personalize your Edmodo experience” card that appears at the top of the home stream. 
  • Here, teachers can set their location and choose from several popular topic interests to follow. 
  • For location, a teacher's school name is used, if available. If not, then state and country are used. 
  • New posts from Edmodo teachers will now appear in teachers’ Edmodo Home Page. If you’d rather see only activity from your Class, you can change the slider at the top of your Home Page Stream to “Class activity only”.



March 5, 2020 

Edmodo is now available in Danish (Dansk) 🇩🇰


⌛ Improvements to the Edmodo gradebook (Progress) performance.


February 23, 2020 

We’ve made it a lot easier to moderate Posts 🤐➡️💬

It’s now easier for teachers and co-teachers to review moderated Posts. The full content of all pending moderated Posts (including any attachments) now appear in a new moderation queue, accessible from the Class page, where they can quickly be approved or denied by the Teacher. 

  • When there is a new Post to moderate, a button will appear at the top of the Class page displaying the number of pending posts. 
  • Clicking will display all moderated Posts in full, including attachments. Teachers can individually accept or deny the Post. ✅ 
  • Pending moderated Posts will also appear in the notification list. 



Learn more about moderated Posts here.


February 26, 2020

There are some slight tweaks to the information that is displayed to teachers in Quizzes. 👩🏽‍🏫 

We’ve made the different statuses of Quizzes more clear by adding labels to the information displayed on the Quiz (only teachers see this info). We’ve also made it more obvious what actions a teacher can take from different Quiz versions.

  • New labels let you know if a Quiz has already been assigned or scheduled.
  • More information is shown about the recipients of a Quiz and the due date.
  • There are now clearer instructions in the Quiz preview mode.
  • Now the “Last saved at” timestamp is more visible to let teachers know when Quiz changes are automatically saved. 


February 20, 2020 

Resources on Edmodo have a new look! 🎨

Discover is the new home for resources on Edmodo! These resources are all free, and have been created or shared by Edmodo educators and education partners. 

  • Use the search bar to search for a resource (e.g. “polynomials”).
  • From the Resources list, you’ll see the resource type (game, video, lesson plan, etc.), subject, and grade level. 
  • You can share a resource directly with your Class, or save it to your Library. 
  • Resources added to the Library will appear in the “My Saved Items” folder. 
  • There are more updates to Discover coming soon!




General improvements

  • ⌛Edmodo Main page (www.edmodo.com) now loads ~30%+ faster!
  • Other bug fixes.


February 13, 2020 

There is a new Happy Not Perfect Puzzle Game. 🧩

Give your brain a break with this new therapeutic game from the Happy Not Perfect app in Discover

  • Select from one of the many available puzzle images then set a custom difficulty using the slider.
  • Incorporate this game into your daily mindfulness routine. 🌅



February 06, 2020 

🐛Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed search in the teacher Library. Using “Search Library” function in Library now returns expected results. 
  • Other bug fixes and general improvements.


January 23, 2020 

We’ve made some enhancement to Quiz questions! 💯

  • Teachers have been asking for these expanded options to quizzes for a long time, and we’re pleased to finally be able to offer them. 
  • Multiple Answer. Teachers can now choose a new Quiz question type: Multiple Answer! This question type allows teachers to set more than one required answer selection for multiple choice questions. 
  • Matching. Distractor answers have been added to Matching questions. For matching pairs, teachers can now choose to display extra answers to increase question difficulty. 


Learn more about Quiz question types and how to send a Quiz here.


January 21, 2020 

Parents have a new view of their child’s work. 🗓️

There is a new design for the Student Planner view that parents can view from their Edmodo account.

  • Parents can see what’s due for their kids and can now filter by child and by class.
  • Parents can now see results for Quizzes their child has taken.




Learn more about what parents can see here.  


January 16, 2020 

Teachers can now save drafts of Assignments! 

  • Assignments can now be created and saved in Edmodo without being assigned to a Class.
  • Assignment drafts can then be found in a teacher’s Library and assigned to their class. 
  • This change makes it easier to draft, edit, and use Assignments in Edmodo.

Learn more about sending an Assignment here