What's New on Edmodo (Feature Release Notes)

August 2017

A whole new Edmodo mobile app and redesigned web experience!

We’ve introduced a brand new mobile app, Assignment Center, and Messaging feature. All of these are designed to help you save time and communicate better with students and parents.  

Communicate More – One place for all your school communications.

  • Send Direct Messages to your Teacher Connections and Students, without giving out personal email addresses or phone numbers, from your web browser or Edmodo’s brand new mobile app. Try it out now! 😀  (We will release the ability to message Parents soon! Stay tuned for an update here.)
  • Easier Ways for Parents to Connect: Parents can now join Classes on Edmodo using the "Join a Group" button on edmodo.com. They'll use the same code as their child to see all of the Posts made by Teachers, and be able to stay up-to-date on Assignments, Quizzes, and upcoming Events.
  • Joining a Group or Class via SMS Text: In just seconds, Parents, Students and Teachers in the U.S. and Canada can now subscribe to updates for Groups and Classes by texting the Group or Class Code to 27291

Engage More – Share assignments, give feedback, and create active learners in less time than ever. Last spring we introduced digital copies of assignments. Now we’ve created a whole new Assignment Center that gives teachers more options and makes everything easier for students.

  • Faster Grading: We've sorted the Assignment workflow to show you what's ready to grade. The new layout allows you to grade classwork, leave feedback, and request resubmissions, all more efficiently than before.
  • Easier Access to Assignments: Students and Teachers now have all their Assignments in the top navigation bar. Students will see their work sorted by incomplete or unfinished Assignments. Teachers see what work still needs grading and what they've already reviewed.
  • All-New Assignment Features: Students can turn in assignments directly from Google or Office documents and Teachers can now see which students have clicked to read each Assignment you send to your Classes.
  • Microsoft Office Online Grading Sidebar: Teachers can now grade Office Online Assignment submissions directly from the file itself using the new grading sidebar. Instead of switching browser windows or clicking on additional links, you can now enter a grade, annotate the document, and leave comments while viewing your Students' work.

Collaborate More – Find resources and connect with other teachers on the largest dedicated teacher network. 

  • Redesigned Home Stream: Your Home Stream is all about discovering and sharing content and resources with your Teacher Connections and School Community. Your Home Stream is now the place to collaborate with your Teacher Connections, your School and District Community and the global Edmodo network.
  • A New Home For Classes and Groups: We've seen that Groups are used in several different ways: Classrooms, Teacher Professional Developments, Trainings/Courses, and Professional Learning Communities. In order to better differentiate the Student Classrooms from the Teacher Groups, we've created a separate section for your Classes with your Students. "Classes" will now be the area for your classroom with your Students, and "Groups" will be used for Teacher to Teacher Groups and professional collaboration.
  • Brand new mobile apps: Both the Redesigned Home Stream and New Classes and Groups have been incorporated into the brand new Edmodo mobile app! Available for both iOS and Android, the free update includes Messaging and a redesigned interface too! Learn more here: