Confirm Your Email Address (Teacher)

For verifying your email from a parent account, click here.

Confirming your email address will ensure that Edmodo has the correct email address on file for you and that you receive all email updates (if you select to receive them.) If you have not verified your email address, you can do this easily on your Edmodo Account:

  1. Select the “Down Arrow” icon -  - next to your Profile Picture in the top toolbar and click “Settings.”
  2. Type your email address in the primary email field.
  3. Authorize this change by verifying your password in the field that appears above "Save Personal Info."
  4. Click “Save Personal Info” and an email will be sent to that address.
  5. Immediately open the email from your email account and click on the confirm email link.
  6. After having confirmed your email, you will see a green check mark and the word "Confirmed" above your email.



Already tried to verify your email address but still having problems? You can re-send the verify email link to your email address by doing the following:

  1. On your email account (that you would like to verify with Edmodo), add and to your email contact list. This will ensure the email is not being blocked by a filter.
  2. Select the “Down Arrow” icon -  - next to your Profile Picture in the top toolbar and click “Settings.”
  3. Check to make sure your correct email address is in the email text box.
  4. Click "Confirm Email address" above your email address next to the red X icon. 
  5. Click “Resend Confirmation Email” from the popup box.
  6. Immediately open the email from your email account and click on the verify email link.