Respond to Your Notifications (Teacher)

Responding to notifications is quick and easy - simply click on a notification to view and respond to it. If notifications of one type are grouped together, click on the group to view and respond to the individual notifications.  

If you see an arrow on the right side of a notification, simply click on that notification to respond directly from inside the notification window without navigating to a new page. For example, you can quickly view and approve requests to join a group, then get right back to viewing the rest of your notifications.

If there is an important notification that you would like to respond to later, you can mark it as “un-read,” highlighting it in grey so that it stands out in your notification window. This will not generate a red notification bubble, but will make it easy to find in your past notifications.

The different types of Notifications that you can respond to from the Notification window are:

  • Reply to a Post - View and reply to the Reply.
  • Group/Class Join Request - Approve or deny the request.
  • New Member - Remove from group/class or set as Read-Only or Contributor.
  • Post to Moderate - Accept or deny post.
  • Assignment Submitted - Go to the grading page for the Assignment submission.
  • Quiz Submitted - Go to the grading page for the Quiz submission.
  • Connection Request - Connect, ignore, block, or view the Profile of the user requesting the Connection. Send a Note to the teacher if you accept their request.
  • New Connection - Send the Connection a Note or view their Profile.
  • Event - View in Planner.
  • Assignment Due - Turn in Assignment.
  • Quiz Due - Take Quiz.

You can also respond to your Notifications by category:

  1. Click the "Notification" icon notification.pngto open the Notification window.
  2. Click "See All" on the bottom of your Notification window.
  3. Select the category of the Notification you want to view in the left panel.
  4. Respond to your Notifications in the center panel.

Note: All of your notifications will remain in the Notification list for you to refer back to until they are three months old, so you can easily find and respond to old Notifications.