What Information Do Notifications Show?

Your Notifications will inform you about the activity in your Edmodo groups. All Notifications will be stored for three months, keeping you updated about the newest activity, while also allowing you to review past activity. The number in the red notification bubble on the top toolbar represents the number of new, unseen Notifications. Your Notifications will include the following types of information:

  • Teacher who owns a group will be notified about: Direct Posts (in the messaging area), Replies, Group Join requests, new Group members, Assignment submissions, Quiz submissions, Posts to moderate, Events, Connection requests, and New Connections.
  • A Teacher who is a member of a group will be notified about: Direct Posts (in the messaging area), Replies, Events, Connection requests, New Connections, Assignments Due, Quizzes Due, Assignments Graded, Quizzes Graded, Assignment comments, new grades, and Group Join requests approved.
  • Students will be notified about: Direct Posts(in the messaging area), Replies, Badges earned, Events, Assignment grades, Quiz grades, Assignments due, Quizzes due, Group Join requests approved, Assignment comments, and new grades.

Note: Use the following links to learn more about your Notifications: View your Notifications, Respond to your Notifications, Manage and Hide your Notifications.