Manage and Hide Your Notifications

Your notifications will help you to keep track of and manage everything going on in your Edmodo account. Whether you use your notifications as a “to do” list, or a record of your groups’ activity, there are a few management features to help you make the most of your notifications.

Hide notifications  

  1. Click the bell icon Bell_icon_2019-08-05.png in the top toolbar for Notifications.
  2. Click on the X icon.
  3. This will hide the notification from your notification window. But be careful: this can’t be undone!


Note: Not all notification types can be hidden.

View and Manage your Notifications by Category

  1. Click the bell icon Bell_icon_2019-08-05.png and click See All.
  2. You can filter by category or see all notifications.  
  3. Click on the X icon to hide that category of notifications.