Manage and Hide Your Notifications

Your notifications will help you to keep track of and manage everything going on in your Edmodo account. Whether you use your notifications as a “to-do” list, or a record of your groups’ activity, there are a few management features to help you  make the most of your notifications.

To manage your notifications, simply mouse over a notification, and you will see the following options appear on the top-right corner of the notification:

 Mark as “un-read”

  1. Click the “circle” icon on the right side of a white notification.
  2. The notification will appear grey so that it stands out in your notification window. Then you can easily find it later, and respond to it on your schedule.

Mark as “read”

  1. Click the “circle” icon on the right side of a grey notification.
  2. The notification will appear white, indicating that you have taken care of it.

Note: Use this feature for notifications that you have marked as “unread.” Otherwise, simply viewing a notification will mark it as “read.

Hide notifications  

  1. Click the “X” icon on the right side of a notification.
  2. This will hide the notification from your notification window. But be careful - this can’t be undone!

Note: Not all notification types can be hidden. When you hide a Notification, it is not gone for good - if it is acted on again, it will re-appear, but this is the only way it will return.

View and Manage your Notifications by Category

  • If you prefer to view your Notifications by category, simply click "See All" on the bottom of the Notification window. There you can check off Notifications individually, and they will never return, so you can use it as a type of "checklist."